Paddington Pups is
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We take care of your beloved dog
when you’re not able to!


We’re a favourite doggie hangout for many local dogs and their busy owners. They trust their beloved pets with us because we treat dogs with all the love, patience and attention that they deserve.

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 A little doggie psychology goes a long way!

Our doggie daycare and dog grooming facility is built around the latest research on dog psychology and their often-misunderstood canine needs. Our clients love that after a day out in our dog-friendly centre their dogs are happy-exhausted and more balanced, attentive and obedient. IMG_9286_0

Dog Grooming Services

Dogs deserve a little pampering, and that’s why we also offer a full range of dog grooming services. Here at Paddington Pups we can bath, blow-dry, style cut and pedicure your dog so he or she looks and smells like prince or princess charming!

Unique Toys For Your Dog

We scour the world looking for those hard-to-find and “dog-proof” toys and healthy pet food supplies to give your dog that something special. The toys get tested in real conditions with real dog jaws in our doggie daycare centre with close supervision before we decide to stock them in our doggie boutique.

We Transform Hyperactive, Frivolous Dogs Into Obedient, Intelligent Ones

There’s nothing worse when your dog embarrasses you or ignores you. Well, fear no more! Our Puppy Preschool will teach you ‘fool proof’ ways to command, toilet train, walk and keep your puppy smart and intelligent.

By nature, your dog is a social animal that loves playing with other dogs. But when they’re little they need some ‘social skills’ training, and that’s where our Puppy Preschool will come handy!


Did you know that we’re registered with the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA)? We’re also the very first facility in Australia to have been visited and trained by The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. In addition, many of our staff are qualified in Animal Studies – we are the dog care experts!!!

Paddington Pups:
Fun, safety and cleanliness like nowhere else!

FUN. Paddington Pups is like a big dog park where friendly dogs are allowed to run, romp and play all day long. We have special play areas specifically designed and constructed to match your dog’s personality, size, and breed as well as stamina and activity levels. Imagine a fully-monitored facility designed to meet your dog emotional, psychological and social needs! That’s us.

Dogs never get bored with the plethora of toys and a large range of bedding available; we have rope toys, balls, soft toys, frame beds, soft beds, tunnels and a play gym and pools for the summer months. We run them ragged and give them plenty of cuddles, so when they get back home they are totally tired out!

SAFE. Our staff are trained in dog psychology and behavioural skills so they know what situations need to be diffused before they escalate into anything serious. As a result, we have a 99.96% safety record, which is one of the best in the industry.

We take action and don’t allow bullying to go on without intervention, sanctions and even expulsion. Keeping our dogs-to-staff ratio extremely low (1 trained and qualified staff member to just 10-13 dogs) enables our staff to quickly take action to protect other dogs if a dog misbehaves.

For your dog’s security we use:

  • A double-gate system for the dog grooming area
  • A triple gate system for the doggie daycare
  • Floors with special anti-slip texturing surface
  • Non-slip mats in front of the splash pools
  • Fenced-in sections for your dog with his best new buddies!
  • All clients fill out our terms and conditions form
  • All dogs are screened with a behavioural assessment
  • To be eligible for daycare, all dogs six months and older must be sterilised, up-to-date on vaccinations and well mannered.

Not only do we screen dogs with a behavioural assessment, but we also extend that level of care and attention to our staff as well. Every person we employ MUST complete a personality type indicator profile test before we’ll even consider them for employment. Next, the right candidates go through an intensive group interview where their communication skills are put to the test. Next, they are required to spend time in daycare so we can observe how well they interact with dogs in real-life situations (An impressive looking CV won’t get them hired–they must have real skills to work here). The hiring process doesn’t come to an end until we perform an extensive background reference check. A reference check to work in a doggie daycare? Of course! It’s an exhaustive process, but working with dogs is not for everyone – we select only those who are best suited and most qualified to care for your dog when you’re not there. We leave nothing to chance.

CLEAN. Don’t you want your dog to be in a clean, safe and sterile environment? Well, naturally you do! Well, listen to this. Every night we have a strict and thorough cleaning routine using a vet grade sterilisation program. We do that to keep things like fleas and the Parvo virus away from your dog. In addition, every three months our facility is treated with a hypoallergenic, food-safe coating that kills germs on contact.

When we had our facility tested for germ levels we were told that even before the service was performed the floors were at a food-safe level of cleanliness.

Imagine a dog centre so clean people could eat off the floor!

Here’s what you need for your dog’s first day!copydoodlesaccessclub_copydoodles_shape_27_tish-65x61

  • Click here to register your dog for Doggy Daycare by filling out our Customer Information and Agreement Form~ 1 Dog Families.
  • Click here to register your dog for Doggy Daycare by filling out our Customer Information and Agreement Form~ 2 Dog Families.

Terms and Conditions

  • All dogs coming for Doggy Daycare and Boarding must have their C5 Vaccinations. We will need to be provided with a copy of the Vaccination Certificate.
  • All dogs over the age of 6 months coming for Doggy Daycare and Boarding must be desexed.
  • All dogs coming for Daycare and Boarding must pass a First Day Assessment (administered during your dog’s first day at daycare) to ensure dogs with aggression issues and antisocial behaviours aren’t upsetting the Paddington Pups pack.
  • Customers must agree to the Terms and Conditions on Paddington Pup’s Customer Information Agreement Form.

If you have questions about our services or would like to book your dog in for a day of fun, grooming or Boarding, contact us here.

At the very least, treat your dog to a day out–he/she surely deserves it! All dogs in Brisbane do.

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