Wags Day Out

Dear humans,

My name’s Wags and I want to tell you my story of my “Wags day out” to Paddington Pups.

I am a 6 month old Labrador and I’ve been living with my people since I was only 8 weeks old.  I have always appreciated all the  love and attention they give me but recently I have realized that I have way too much energy for my people.  I’ve tried nagging them to take me for more walks and trips to the dog park but they seem to think that one trip to the park a day is enough for me. I thought that if I destroyed my mum’s favorite lounge that she would understand that I want to go to the park but for some reason she thought what I did was naughty and I got in trouble.

The other day I saw my people on the Google machine looking up something called “Doggy Day Care”. I wasn’t too sure what this was so I asked my mate Jake at the dog park the next day and he told me all about it while his people told my people all about it too.

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Wags Day Out!

Jake is a regular visitor to a doggy day care center called Paddington Pups and told me all about how much fun it was seeing all his best friends all day long. He also told me that he was so tired afterwards that he didn’t even want to destroy lounges anymore, something I found hard to believe.

I wanted to go to this place called Paddington Pups and apparently so did my people because the very next day I was walking through the doors. The place smelled and sounded just like a dog park so I wasn’t nervous about my first visit. The people who greeted me were so nice, they gave me a treat for simply sitting which I thought was awesome because I’m really really good at sitting.

On my first day as I walked through a big green gate my parents yelled, “Have a fun day out Wags!” but I was way too distracted to say goodbye back because before I knew it I was being greeted by heaps of new dogs that I had never smelled before. I’m a pretty social dog at the dog park so it was really easy making new friends at Paddington Pups.

I’ve been coming to Paddington Pups for 7 dog years now and I love it every single day. All my best friends still go with me and I’ve even told all my mates at the dog park all about Wags day out. They were all so jealous about all the fun I have on my Wags day out that they started to nag their people to come too.  My wags day out has now become Wags “3 days a week” out.

So now that I go regularly to Paddington Pups my days at doggy daycare start like this:  My parents start by discussing my day “Do you think Wags needs a day out today?” They think I don’t hear them and know what they are talking about but I do, so I start jumping around just like usual until they decide it’s the best idea ever, then they yell “Wags Day Out” which makes me so excited I can hardly sit still then they get me in the car.

Finally after about 15 minutes but what really seems like forever we arrive.  We get out of the car and I go racing through the big green gate to the humans. I’m pretty sure they live there because they are always there before I am to greet me “Hi Wags it’s your day out!” My tail is a wagging like crazy because I’m so excited so let me in to go to play with all my other friends.  Out the back they are all there saying “Hello Wags, Hi Wags, Wags another day Out, What’s happening Wags” you get the picture. I assume every one wants to say hello to me because I’m Wags, I’m pretty famous here and this is my day out!

So once I’m in we get start playing and running around at Doggy Daycare.  Sometimes they bathe me and my other non-Labrador friends, some even get hair cuts. All in all it’s a great day. After heaps of playing and some maybe rests, my people come and pick me up. When I get home I have some dinner and a big sleep – until my next Wags day out.

Since I’ve been going to Paddington Pups I’ve noticed that my people are a lot happier with me. I’m not sure if it has got something to do with the fact that I haven’t destroyed a lounge since I’ve been going to Paddington Pups but I hardly get in trouble anymore it’s awesome.


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