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March Dog of the Month

March Dog of the Month ~ Congratulations Oscar Mcmahon!

Oscar first joined us for daycare at Paddington Pups all the way back in 2016 and he has been a crucial member of the pack ever since.

Oscar is a 4 and a half year old standard Schnauzer with the energy and play drive of a 6 month old. Each morning that Oscar bounds through the door he can barely make it out to the play areas fast enough to start his busy day of playing and fun.

He never fails to put a smile on everybody’s face and we know it’s going to be a good day when Oscar comes to visit.

Oscar is extremely friendly and is great with all the other dogs. He will introduce himself to everyone he can and likes to play with any dog that will let him.

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Breed Test: Schnauzer


The Schnauzer comes in three classified sizes- Miniature, Standard and Giant.

The Standard is the original breed, decending from Germany to hunt, herd and guarding flocks. The Miniature and Giant breeds were developed as variations of the original size to suit smaller households.

Standard Schnauzers stand to around 46cm tall to the shoulder, whereas Miniatures stand at 30cm followed by Giant’s at huge 61cm.

Their coat comes in a range of colours, including black, silver and salt and pepper grey. Although their outer coat is dense and wiry, their under coat is soft and woolly.

Although they do have minimal shedding, it is recommended they have regular grooms to avoid knotting in their beards and skirts.

The Schnauzer proves to be a formidable guard dog, protecting households from intruders and strangers. Although this can lead to barking problems, early training will eliminate this issue.

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Paddington Pups April Dog of the Month – Poppy

Paddington Pups April Dog of the Month POPPY

Congratulations Poppy!

Poppy gets her beautiful haircuts and grooming done here at Paddington Pups and she also visits us regularly for day care.  Poppy is a quiet and relaxed dog that likes to sit back and watch the other dogs closely before she decides to play.

Poppy regularly goes to the Springhill Off-leash Park after day care for some further socialisation and particularly likes Saturday mornings at the off-leash park with her mum for “schnauzer mornings”.

Poppy’s favourite activity at day care is her daily walk. She is a delight to walk and often enjoys wandering and sniffing all around Suncorp Stadium or the local streets during these outings.

As one of the many regulars from the schnauzer crew at Paddington Pups, Poppy has won all of the Paddington Pups staff over with her caring and confident nature.

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