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Cutest Mature Dog Competition Winners

At the end of March, we announced the winners of our “Cutest Mature Dog” photo competition on social media! We had a great response and had the pleasure of going through lots of adorable dog photos. We would like to thank everyone who entered the competition. Picking the winners has been very hard, and we had many debates over who should come out on top. The winners walked about with some free Science Diet Youthful Vitality dog food!


Winning the the most competitive division, the small dogs, was Princesa the Maltese. This photo of Princesa is just adorable. We loved her dreamy far off look towards the sea. Not to mention her great hair style! Princesa comes into Paddington Pups for her regular grooms and pampering. And gosh does she like getting pampered and cuddled. Congratulations little Princesa!


Lily, the Border Collie, won the medium dog division. And ... Click here to read more....

Food for Thought – Grains and Dogs

As domesticated animals, there’s a lot that we can learn about dogs based on their ancestral cousin, the wolf. Obviously wolves don’t graze on grasses, but instead compliment their protein rich meat diet with vegetables and fruit. Because of this, their digestive systems never evolved to support the breaking down of complex carbohydrates, such as those found in grains. When a dog struggles to digest these cereal grains, over a long period of time they can start to damage the lining of the digestive system. This can result in sensitivity and allergic reactions to foods, bowel disorders, diarrhoea and weight gain.

At Paddington Pups we are proud to sell a selection of grain free options in our dog food ranges. Meals for Mutts is a popular dry kibble that we both sell and use for our boarding dogs. Meals for Mutts is entirely gluten free with many products being grain ... Click here to read more....

Advance Premium Food Video: Product of the Week

Advance is a super premium food manufactured in Australia and designed specifically for Australian pets.

Our climate can have an impact on Skin & Coat Health, DNA Damage, Joint Health, Hydration, that’s why Advance has been developed using global science and tested locally to make sure it meets the needs of Australian pets.

For help with your Advance purchase come into Paddington Pups and one of our friendly staff will assist you. In the meantime take a look at the video below:

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Nutro Natural Choice Video: Product of the Week

Are you looking for a 100% Australian made natural pet food?

Nutro provides good wholesome nutrition for dogs using Australia’s finest ingredients. It has high levels of Linoleic Acid for healthy skin and a glossy coat and you will notice less back yard waste.

Nutro’s simple recipe for superior nutrition, taste and performance does not contain by-products (including heads, feet and intestines), filler grains or preservatives and it contains premium natural nutrition your pets deserve for a happy, healthy and long life.

Check out Nutro’s commercial below. Available in store at Paddington Pups now.

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Hills Science Diet Video: Product of the Week

Vet’s would only feed the very best to their own pets, so you should too. Science Diet is vet’s Number One choice for their own pets.

Science Diet pet foods offer the highest-quality pet nutrition available. It comes in a variety of formulas to suit a variety of dietary needs.

Hills Science diet is available in dry kibble and wet can food with precisely balanced nutrition to maintain a long and healthy life

Come and see us at Paddington Pups to purchase Hill Science Diet and take a look at this video for more information.

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Eukanuba Video: Product of the Week

Would you rather feed your dog less and have less backyard waste with the reassurance that your dog has healthier skin and coat, stronger bones and reduced tartar build up?

Eukanuba has a variety of diet formulas for dogs based on age, breed and performance. All formulas include the Eukanuba Vital Health System which consists of clinically proven ingredients in six areas that work together to keep dogs at their best. It doesn’t contain fillers so every ingredient satisfies a specific purpose.

Eukanuba foods can be purchased at Paddington Pups come in and see one of our friendly pack leaders and check out the video below for more information and Eukanuba’s unique advertising “tools”.

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