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June Dog of the Month

June Dog of the Month – Congratulations Tonka the Lab cross !!!

Tonka is a veteran of Paddington Pups and one of our most recognizable faces behind the counter. Tonka has been a regular member of the Paddington pups pack since all the way back in 2014.

On most days he’s in he can be found helping out around the front counter and asking for treats with his big puppy dog eyes.


Tonka is a black Labrador retriever cross who loves scratches, cuddles and of course the occasional treat. Tonka is an absolute pleasure to have as a member of the Paddington pups pack and we hope to continue seeing him for many years to come. ... Click here to read more....

Dog of the Month ~ May 2018

Congratulations Frank the Dachshund!

Frank is a two and a half year old sausage dog who has been regular member of Paddington Pups since he was a three-month-old puppy back in 2016. We have had the pleasure of watching Frank grow from a baby sausage whose legs were barely long enough to hold him off the ground, to a mature sausage that got a little bit taller and much longer. Frank is an absolutely adorable Dachshund with a gorgeous personality. He loves getting pats and cuddles from all the staff and always has his tail wagging. Frank is a perfect member of the Paddington Pups pack and a pleasure to care for. We look forward to many more years of Frank to come.... Click here to read more....

April Dog Of The Month

April Dog of the Month ~ Congratulations Hef the Pug!

Hef is 7 year old Pug and a senior member of the Paddington Pups pack. Hef has been a loyal member of daycare since he first started visiting all the way back in 2013.

We have had the pleasure of watching Hef grow from a boisterous young pup of only a few years to the mature, lovely natured dog he is today.

Hef never fails to bring a smile to our faces every time he comes in, full of so much excitement he can barely get off the lead fast enough. Hef has a gorgeous temperament and is always happy to make new friends.

He is an absolute pleasure to look after and we hope he continues to come in for many years to come.... Click here to read more....

March Dog of the Month

March Dog of the Month ~ Congratulations Oscar Mcmahon!

Oscar first joined us for daycare at Paddington Pups all the way back in 2016 and he has been a crucial member of the pack ever since.

Oscar is a 4 and a half year old standard Schnauzer with the energy and play drive of a 6 month old. Each morning that Oscar bounds through the door he can barely make it out to the play areas fast enough to start his busy day of playing and fun.

He never fails to put a smile on everybody’s face and we know it’s going to be a good day when Oscar comes to visit.

Oscar is extremely friendly and is great with all the other dogs. He will introduce himself to everyone he can and likes to play with any dog that will let him.

Oscar is absolutely adorable and it is ... Click here to read more....

March Dog of the Month

March Dog of the Month 


Ned has been a part of the Paddington Pups daycare family for a year now! He’s always so excited to see his friends for the day that he races straight through the front door and into daycare, eagerly awaiting to play!

He’s easily made a lot of friends, both four legged and two legged. He’s full of love and cuddles and his gorgeous smile gets us every time!

Congratulations Neddy boy!... Click here to read more....

February Dog of the Month

February Dog of the Month – CONGRATULATIONS LILY!

Lily is an 8-year-old Border Collie who has been coming to Paddington Pups on a regular basis for  8 years now.

She always enters day care with a lot of enthusiasm in the mornings and greets all of the staff and other dogs with a lot of love and happiness.

She has quite a few dog friends and gets along with them all really well regardless of how big or small, or young or old they are. Her favourite activities include asking for pats from the staff by putting her head on our laps and running around like crazy with the other pups.

Congratulations Lily! We all love you very much!

... Click here to read more....

January 2017 Dog of the Month



Archie is our favorite little Shetland Sheepdog who has been visiting Pad Pups regularly for nearly 3 years now.

He runs through the front gate with great enthusiasm in the mornings when he comes in to visit and greets us all with lots of love and excitement.

His favorite activities include climbing on the play gyms and running around with his friends all day.

Congratulations buddy! We all love you very much!... Click here to read more....

Max Dog of the Month

MAXXXMax is a 1 year old, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed with a poodle, (Cavoodle). He has been coming into daycare since he was a very small puppy. He has now grown into a handsome young man.

As Max is still young he has a ton of energy and loves to come into daycare to hang out with all his friends.

Max loves to have a snuggle and a cuddle with all the staff at Paddington Pups. He can be a real ‘sooky bum’ at times but because he is so cute he always gets his way into someone’s lap.

Max has lots of Friends here at daycare, a few of them include; Charlie the Moodle, Hugo the Lhasa Apso Cross, Louie the Shih Tzu cross Maltese and Guzzi the Miniature Schnauzer

Congratulations Max we all know you will enjoy the treats in the prize pack!

Photography by Marina Wedge... Click here to read more....

Dog of the Month Walter (Wally)

Walter - Wally Walter (or Wally, as he is affectionately known by his parents and our team) is another Kelpie x Staffy that regularly makes his way in to daycare roughly 3 days a week.

When Wally first started at Paddington Pups, he was a very young, timid puppy who stuck around with the small dogs. However, after plenty of play time in our daycare, Wally now enjoys hours of playing and wrestling with all his big dog buddies!

If he isn’t playing tug of war with Holly the Labrador, he can often be found in a bed cuddling with Harry the Tibetan Terrier cross (these two boys are well known for spooning in the best beds!).

Wally has definitely come a long way since we first met him, so we are very happy to award him August Dog of the Month!

Congratulations Wally!... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month – Congratulations Milo!


Milo is our chocolate brown Labrador that has joined our doggie daycare since she was a tiny puppy, with her sister the Golden Retriever x Poodle, Eris.

Although both deserve Dog of the Month, we felt Eris had already felt her moment of fame featuring on the cover of MX Magazine alongside Mia!
Milo has also been through a tremendous amount, recovering from a serious knee surgery and going through rehabilitation. Milo is almost 100% now and still joins her friends at least twice a week here at Paddington Pups.

As soon as Milo enters the daycare, her and her sister will play for hours with their favourite toys, only stopping to rest in the middle of the day. Milo is well known for her ‘frog dog’ stance when she is sleeping, where she lies on her stomach and spreads her legs out!

Enjoy your pack Milo, and ... Click here to read more....