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Kennel Cough


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Just like children in a playground can catch a cold from their playmates, dogs can catch similar ‘ parasites’ when socializing with other dogs. There is however misconceptions and fears surrounding many of the most common of dog illnesses. One such illness is Kennel Cough; this is one of the most easily transmittable illnesses and one which is often greatly feared by dog owners.

Despite this, Kennel Cough is very similar to a human cold or flu and can be easily managed when the correct preventative measures are followed and treatment is issued. Kennel Cough is caused by a virus, which usually leads to a secondary bacterial infection. This virus is airborne and there for can be caught from the dog next door, when walking, socializing or in a new environment. Your vet can vaccinate against Kennel Cough and this should be done during your dog’s ... Click here to read more....

Important Advice – Canine Influenza

While daycare reports are very rare we feel the need to mention this as we have heard from local vets that there is an outbreak at the moment.  If your dog is sick, please don’t bring them into Daycare, as they may be contagious and need rest.

Canine Influenza (a.k.a. Canine Cough or Kennel Cough) is a contagious, airborne virus, so if the dog that lives next door or down the street from you has it, your dog could be at risk.  The most commonly known places it can be caught are at dog parks and vet surgeries.

There is no major concern to be had if your dog is healthy and up to date with his C5 Vaccination.  The vaccine however, will not prevent your dog from getting Canine Influenza, but it will help fight it off quicker.

The main symptom of Canine Influenza is a deep ‘honking’ cough ... Click here to read more....