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Product of the Month: Gorrrrilla Toys

Gorrrrilla Toys Gorrrrilla_Home_Topare designed for dogs but are durable enough for chimps. Simular to a Kong Toy these are much more durable and enjoyable as they have designed a licky strip right down the middle to smear some peanut butter or honey on for the dogs to lick off.

It is specially designed to make it a challenge for dogs to get the treats out which is why this toy lasts longer.

Gorrrrilla Toys can be used for Fetch, Treat Toy, Chew Toy anything because the durability is 20 times stronger than the most powerful dog toy.

These Terrific Toys are being sold at Paddington Pups in 2 colours; Blue and Black and a range of sizes. Prices range from $12.55 for the Small Gorrrrillas to $35 for X-Large Tug O War Gorillas.

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Dog Toys, The New Generation

bionic toysAs you may have noticed, we have been stocking a number of different looking and feeling dog toys around our shop in an effort to give our customers a great range to choose from. Although a lot of our toys have remained popular over the years like the JW range including the Good and Bad Cuz’s, the Dinocuz and of course, Dexter the Elephant, we also thought it was important to bring in a new series of dog toys that suited a large percentage of our clientele- Tough Toys.

These ‘Tough Toys’ include something for every dog, including scented rubber Frisbees, soft toys, tug-of-war sticks and squeaker mats!

bionic frisbeeOne of our newest ranges, the Bionic dog toys, offer a variety of different shaped scented toys made out of a specially engineered rubber designed to withstand event the toughest of plays. These combined materials are 100% food safe, they float and ... Click here to read more....