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Boarding Your Dog at Paddington Pups – Why Choose Us?

We have been offering our boarding service for a little over three years now, and this relatively new addition to our services has proven very popular and helpful to a lot of fur-child owners over this time.

So why would you need to use this service? And why would you choose us to look after your loved Pooch? Let’s make a brief list of answers to these questions.

Why would you need to use this service?

– If you are going on a holiday and have no one that can care for your dog over long periods

– When house renovations deem your yard escapable

– Family emergencies etc.

– A temporary safe house while a solution is found if your dog digs out of your yard

– If you are concerned leaving your dog alone when you’ve planned a night out

Why would you choose us?

We are ... Click here to read more....

Grooming Corner ~ Information on the questions you may not want to ask ~ Anal Glands.

Dogs such amazing, loving and smelly creatures. Smelly doesn’t even begin to describe what anal glands are. They are little sacks just inside the anus that produce a liquid that is expelled when the dog does its business. Dogs are supposed to be able to expel the anal glands, but sometimes humans have to help.


I’m sure you’ve all seen a dog scoot across the floor, that is a major sign that your dog needs its anal glands looked at. At Paddington Pups we can express them externally, while your local vet will do them internally. The difference being the vet will just get more out of the anal glands.


Unfortunately, sometimes there are no symptoms and your dog will get let the anal glands go, and the contents of them will drain out, maybe on your sofa or in your car. So next time you get your ... Click here to read more....

Cutest Mature Dog Competition Winners

At the end of March, we announced the winners of our “Cutest Mature Dog” photo competition on social media! We had a great response and had the pleasure of going through lots of adorable dog photos. We would like to thank everyone who entered the competition. Picking the winners has been very hard, and we had many debates over who should come out on top. The winners walked about with some free Science Diet Youthful Vitality dog food!


Winning the the most competitive division, the small dogs, was Princesa the Maltese. This photo of Princesa is just adorable. We loved her dreamy far off look towards the sea. Not to mention her great hair style! Princesa comes into Paddington Pups for her regular grooms and pampering. And gosh does she like getting pampered and cuddled. Congratulations little Princesa!


Lily, the Border Collie, won the medium dog division. And ... Click here to read more....

Great news for our Awesome Grooming Clients

Great news for our Awesome Grooming Clients

Our Daycare clients have been able to reap the rewards of referring a friend to join The Pack at Paddington Pups for a long time now. Anyone who wants to send a new Daycare Client our way just needs to grab a ‘Refer a Friend’ card from the front counter and give it to all their friends with dogs. When they come in for their first day and give us the card, they receive their first day of Daycare half price and our lovely customer who recommended us gets a free day of daycare added to their account.


We are thrilled to be introducing a ‘Refer a Friend’ program for our awesome Grooming Clients too. We will soon be giving ‘Refer a Grooming Friend’ cards to our Grooming clients when they bring their dog/s in for a groom, (or you can get ... Click here to read more....

Sports for Dogs

Sports for dogs

If you’ve got a pup with a keen mind to learn or just a lot of energy, you should take a look into some sports your pooch can participate in! You may know of some already such as flyball, herding and even dancing, but the list of other fun activities is almost endless!

Although any sport you choose can be beneficial for any pup, it is good to be aware if your pup gets more out of physical endurance or mental stimulation.

If you were looking for something to stimulate your dogs’ mental abilities, nose work would be top of the list. It’s based on finding hidden scents in different environments, indoors and outdoors, and is great for those short on space. Nose work is great for dogs of all personalities, shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t require extensive obedience.

Tracking trials is another sport that uses ... Click here to read more....

Food for Thought – Grains and Dogs

As domesticated animals, there’s a lot that we can learn about dogs based on their ancestral cousin, the wolf. Obviously wolves don’t graze on grasses, but instead compliment their protein rich meat diet with vegetables and fruit. Because of this, their digestive systems never evolved to support the breaking down of complex carbohydrates, such as those found in grains. When a dog struggles to digest these cereal grains, over a long period of time they can start to damage the lining of the digestive system. This can result in sensitivity and allergic reactions to foods, bowel disorders, diarrhoea and weight gain.

At Paddington Pups we are proud to sell a selection of grain free options in our dog food ranges. Meals for Mutts is a popular dry kibble that we both sell and use for our boarding dogs. Meals for Mutts is entirely gluten free with many products being grain ... Click here to read more....

Advice on keeping your dog matt free

Matts, knots, tangles, whatever you want to call them, they are an annoyance.  Matts can be painful for dogs and can even be dangerous to remove. The good news is there are things that can be done to help avoid a potential bad situation.

Dogs that have longer coats that continually grow, like Maltese and Poodles and dogs that have longer double coats like golden retrievers and border collies need to be brushed at home. Dogs that have short hair like labs or cattle dogs rarely get matted but still need to be brushed.

The brush should be a slicker brush or something similar with stiff bristles. When using a slicker brush, you should brush the dog all over always going with the direction of the hair growth. Make sure not to keep going over the same spot, because you could potentially brush burn your dog’s skin. (Brush burn is ... Click here to read more....

Colourful Christmas Grooming Appointments Now Available.

Colourful Christmas Grooming Appointments Now Available.

Want to get your whole family into the Christmas Spirit? We have grooming appoints available up until the 23rd of December and we can use our pet safe temporary hair dyes to colour your dog’s hair.  Starting from just $20 we can add a little colour to your next grooming appointment. Call now on 07) 3369 0699 to secure your dog’s appointment now. We have a large range of colours available.

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To shave or not to shave…





Recently, daycare staff member, Amy, asked me to shave her lovely Labrador, Shiloh, because she was getting some small hotspots around her collar area and under her ears. I’ve already talked about how nasty hotspots can be, and shaving either a generous patch around the infection or the entire dog are good options for combating the problem.


First and foremost, clipping the coat short allows air to get to the hotspot and dry it out, which is the best and fastest way to treat it initially.


There are, however, other benefits to shaving your dog, so if you are sitting on the fence about whether to shave or not, the next few ideas may help you to make up your mind.


Many dog owners that book in with us for de-shedding are unsure whether they want a Strip Out or if they want an ... Click here to read more....

Pimp my Pooch

The idea of grooming your dog is simple and normal enough.

We all need baths, so why should our dogs be any different? If anything, even though I know you don’t need to bathe your dog more than once every few weeks, my little barkers should probably bathe more than I do, what with all the rolling in dirt and shoving of noses into rear ends and dead things.

Nail-trimming is another essential practice – unless you’re walking 5 to 10 miles each day with your four-legged pal! It protects not only your carpets and flooring, but also keeps them from getting injured by snagging a nail. Plus, almost all vets will tell you that walking around with long nails just isn’t very comfortable for Fido.

And if your dog has long hair, eventually it’s going to need to be cut. Who’s going to do it, you? I’m sure there ... Click here to read more....