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Winter Dog Grooming: Notes From The Grooming Table

This year it seems we had an early start to the chilly weather. At this point, our grooming clients tend to want to leave their pups a little longer in coat length. Personally, I love this about winter as we get to see some cute styles, including the return of the teddy bear clip which leaves your pup looking like …well, a teddy bear!dog grooming

This style is super cute for owners who have the time for regular brushing of their puppies to prevent knots and matts. Unfortunately for some puppies, extensive matting during winter (most often caused by a desire to grow out the coat for warmth, but missing the regular brushing sessions) means a short shave all over!

In our Queensland climate with a relatively mild winter season, this isn’t so bad for our canine friends, but if you are particularly worried that your pup might feel the cold, ... Click here to read more....