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Boarding Your Dog at Paddington Pups – Why Choose Us?

We have been offering our boarding service for a little over three years now, and this relatively new addition to our services has proven very popular and helpful to a lot of fur-child owners over this time.

So why would you need to use this service? And why would you choose us to look after your loved Pooch? Let’s make a brief list of answers to these questions.

Why would you need to use this service?

– If you are going on a holiday and have no one that can care for your dog over long periods

– When house renovations deem your yard escapable

– Family emergencies etc.

– A temporary safe house while a solution is found if your dog digs out of your yard

– If you are concerned leaving your dog alone when you’ve planned a night out

Why would you choose us?

We are ... Click here to read more....

Cutest Mature Dog Competition Winners

At the end of March, we announced the winners of our “Cutest Mature Dog” photo competition on social media! We had a great response and had the pleasure of going through lots of adorable dog photos. We would like to thank everyone who entered the competition. Picking the winners has been very hard, and we had many debates over who should come out on top. The winners walked about with some free Science Diet Youthful Vitality dog food!


Winning the the most competitive division, the small dogs, was Princesa the Maltese. This photo of Princesa is just adorable. We loved her dreamy far off look towards the sea. Not to mention her great hair style! Princesa comes into Paddington Pups for her regular grooms and pampering. And gosh does she like getting pampered and cuddled. Congratulations little Princesa!


Lily, the Border Collie, won the medium dog division. And ... Click here to read more....

Happy, Healthy Dogs ~ Raw Food Diets for dogs

Happy, Healthy Dogs ~ Raw Food Diets for dogs

Raw food diets have always been a standard for working dogs, but lately, the trend has become popular for companion dogs too. The idea is that a dog should be fed a diet more aligned to their evolutionary ancestors. Raw food diets generally consist of uncooked muscle meat, organ meat, vegetables, fruits, and bones (either whole or ground)

The raw food diet has proven to be a controversial topic among vets and dog owners alike. There are benefits for raw food, but risks can be involved too, so its important to understand what research has shown to be the various pros and cons.

Supporters of raw dog food generally claim the following:


– Cleaner teeth

– Healthier skin

– Increased energy

– Shinier coats

Exponents of raw food diets sight risks mainly associated with home made raw meals. These threats ... Click here to read more....

Where Should I Board My Beloved Dog?

Where Should I Board My Beloved Dog?

 When holiday times approach, emergency situations arise, or if you just want to head out for the night without worrying about your beloved pup, overnight boarding for dogs is an option that is frequented by many pet owners. There are multiple companies and at home businesses that offer this service around the Brisbane area but before you make your choice there are some important questions that you should ask each carer, which will be discussed shortly. Take the answers to these questions into consideration from the perspective of your dog’s individual needs and try to imagine how well the described environment would suit him/her.

Paddington Pups has been offering boarding for three years now, and we are confident in saying that our service, from the perspectives of both the doggy guests and owners, is among the best out there. We are not attempting ... Click here to read more....

Food for Thought – Grains and Dogs

As domesticated animals, there’s a lot that we can learn about dogs based on their ancestral cousin, the wolf. Obviously wolves don’t graze on grasses, but instead compliment their protein rich meat diet with vegetables and fruit. Because of this, their digestive systems never evolved to support the breaking down of complex carbohydrates, such as those found in grains. When a dog struggles to digest these cereal grains, over a long period of time they can start to damage the lining of the digestive system. This can result in sensitivity and allergic reactions to foods, bowel disorders, diarrhoea and weight gain.

At Paddington Pups we are proud to sell a selection of grain free options in our dog food ranges. Meals for Mutts is a popular dry kibble that we both sell and use for our boarding dogs. Meals for Mutts is entirely gluten free with many products being grain ... Click here to read more....

December Product of the Month – TREATS!!!!!

December Product of the Month – TREATS!!!!!

If you’re looking for something delicious to make your best friend’s Christmas present something they can’t resist, check out our range of natural Australian made dried treats.

Our lamb and beef treats are a favourite of dogs who are going home after daycare and grooming. We sell these treats in convenient sealed bags in store. Perfectly sized as stocking stuffers for your pooch.

Our lamb treats come in crunchy cubes and flat puffs that can be broken down into smaller pieces for the little pups. Lamb is full of nutrition and will make your dog’s mouth drool.

Our beef liver puff treats are a bit tougher, making them great for dogs who want something to really crunch into.

If you’re looking for a seafood option, we bag a range of different fish as well. These ones tend to satisfy those dogs who can ... Click here to read more....

Is Your Dog In The Healthy Weight Range

Is your Dog in the Healthy Weight Range?

It may be a lot more important for you to ensure that your dog’s weight stays in the healthy weight range than you realise. While there might be the occasional thing eaten off the floor, the majority of our dog’s food is given to them by us, their owners, so making sure that our dog’s weight remains healthy falls to us and what we feed them.  The first step is knowing what a healthy weight is for your dog.

Dogs come in different breeds and mixes of breeds so knowing what the healthy weight range is for your dog can be a bit tricky. While a Chihuahua should definitely weigh less than a Beagle, how much less should it weigh? If your dog is female should she weigh more or less than a male of the same breed? There are helpful charts ... Click here to read more....

Choosing the right bone for your dog and how to let them enjoy one safely.

The article was written for us from Jenny at the Complete Pet Company, Jenny produces one of the best raw food in Australia and probably the world for dogs and cats. Jenny also has a great range of consumable bones which we stock along with the raw food at Paddington Pups.
If you have any other questions about the food or bones please feel free to contact Jenny on 07 3855 3555 or Jenny@completepet.com.au

A bone a day keeps the vet away
Over the many years of producing the Complete Meal and recommending bones I am still amazed at the number of dog and cat owners that are concerned about feeding bones.
Bones to a cats and dogs are about as real as it gets. Bones are necessary , they not only clean teeth, they provide nutritional value of calcium and cartilage, they create muscle work for the jaw, ... Click here to read more....

Hills Ideal Balance Product of the Month

idea balance

Coming from the same company that produces Science Diet, Hills have released their newest range of dog and cats food, Ideal Balance.

Hills Canine Ideal Balance Grain Free Adult Formula provides 100% natural optimally balanced Ingredients.

Combining lean proteins from natural chicken, carbohydrates from potatoes, this formula helps promote healthy digestion, boosts natural defenses and enhances coat shine and development.

The formula is enriched with balanced nutrients obtained from fresh chicken, vegetables, flaxseed, potatoes, cranberries and eggs.

You can pick up a bag of Hills Ideal Balance dry food in store at Paddington Pups starting at $26.95


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Funny Puppy Video

Here is a really funny puppy video I wanted to share with you. It’s super cute and I could watch it all day. You can tell these are well groomed dogs.

See how many different dogs you can count in the video and post a comment below. If you’re really keen, give it a go to identify each dog breed.

Personally I would love to see all these dogs in our Brisbane doggy daycare with us this is the sort of stuff they do all day at Paddington Pups.

The video is for dog food brand Beneful found in most supermarkets.

Thank you to Dr Marc Dussault, The Exponential Growth Strategist for forwarding this funny puppy video as one more example of antimimeticisomorphism.

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