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Notes from the Grooming Table Dog Eye Maintenance (Goobies)

eye goobiesAs with humans, it is important that dogs’ eyes are looked after as there is the risk of some serious infections. When a dog wakes in the morning, quite often there is an amount of gunk (goobies) in the corner of their eyes. This will have been discharged from the eyes over night and in some cases it will be brown. There is nothing to worry about here as this is the dogs defence mechanism and the body drains away the mucus.


The time to be concerned is when there is a lot of mucus and this is when it is time to visit the vet and check if it is an infection.

Dogs also suffer from allergies and there will be times when it is this allergy that causes their eyes to become infected. The mucus will then be green and thicker, and will cause the dog a ... Click here to read more....