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Advice on keeping your dog matt free

Matts, knots, tangles, whatever you want to call them, they are an annoyance.  Matts can be painful for dogs and can even be dangerous to remove. The good news is there are things that can be done to help avoid a potential bad situation.

Dogs that have longer coats that continually grow, like Maltese and Poodles and dogs that have longer double coats like golden retrievers and border collies need to be brushed at home. Dogs that have short hair like labs or cattle dogs rarely get matted but still need to be brushed.

The brush should be a slicker brush or something similar with stiff bristles. When using a slicker brush, you should brush the dog all over always going with the direction of the hair growth. Make sure not to keep going over the same spot, because you could potentially brush burn your dog’s skin. (Brush burn is ... Click here to read more....

Notes From The Grooming Table This Month: Brushing Your Dog

A common question I am asked is “How often should I brush my dog?” Depending on the breed and the type of hair, the answer varies dramatically. If you own a whippet or greyhound, for example, you may never have to brush your dog, or only have to do so once or twice a year to assist in the shedding of dead coat.

If you own a labradoodle, however, you’ll find that the task is a daily requirement of dog ownership. Many people who own dogs like this, (as well as spoodles, cavoodles, old English sheepdogs, etc) like to keep their dogs coats long. The reality is that unless the dog is brushed regularly enough, matts begin to form from knots which become extremely hard to detangle. Once sufficient matting is formed, it becomes impossible – even for groomers – to brush the coat out; and the matt, ... Click here to read more....