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Dogs and Hendra Virus

After the recent scare of an Australian Kelpie contracting the deadly Hendra Virus, we though it would be worth while providing you with information regarding the virus and what you can do to prevent it.

The Hendra virus originally broke out in the Brisbane suburb of Hendra in a horse stable. The virus is carried in the flying fox as a natural host.

It is transferred from the flying fox to horses, and rarely from horses to people. Research has so far confirmed that no other animals are natural hosts to the virus aside from the flying fox. There is no evidence of transfer from human-to-human, bat-to-human or human-to-horse, but since the recent transfer to household pets, it’s worth taking precautions.

The recent infection from a horse to a dog, ‘Dusty’, is the only known case of this kind of transfer. Dusty’s owners have received countless amounts of support from ... Click here to read more....