Paddington Pups Now Offers Boarding For Dogs!


What Sets Us Apart?

After looking at the options and standards available for boarding in the Brisbane area and across Australia, the need for a better option became so evident that the decision was made to introduce boarding at Paddington Pups.

So, you may well be wondering what is so wrong with a typical Boarding Kennels to prompt this?

At almost all boarding kennels dogs are kept in small runs, rooms, kennels or pens (we will just call them enclosures), sometimes with other dogs, sometimes by themselves. This might be ok if it were just for sleeping, but in most cases, this is for at least 20 hours a day, every day. At peak times, a lot of boarding kennels cannot guarantee that your dog will be taken out of this area at all.

The standard for the industry in most cases is that dogs are put into a ‘yard’ area, sometimes with other dogs, sometimes by themselves, twice a day for up to 30 minutes while enclosures are cleaned, but not all kennels can guarantee that the dogs will get even this. That is your dog’s day, day after day. There is no time guaranteed with people for pats or play, or cuddles, no time guaranteed with other dogs outside of the enclosure. Often these services can be paid for in addition to boarding fees. At around $10-$15 for 10 minutes of time with a human to play, get cuddles or pats, $12 for a short walk, $10 for 20 minutes of play with other dogs, dependent on the Kennel of course.  The best we could find was a kennel offering up to 4 hours of outside playtime with other dogs per day, included in their boarding fee.

The Pet Industry Association Australia (PIAA) required standard is a sleeping area of between 90 and 120cm wide (depending on the size of the dog), and a minimum floor area of 2.9m², with up to a maximum of two and four dogs per enclosure (depending on the size of the dogs).  This means an enclosure 1.2m wide by 3m long, with up to four dogs in it.

Kennels also posed problems for short trips away, with minimum stay lengths of at least 4-10 days. Limited opening hours for drop off and pick-ups and out of the way locations added to issues too.

For us, this just wasn’t good enough for our dogs and we are sure most people will feel the same way. So now we have an alternative. We have worked hard at Padding Pups to make sure it ticks all the boxes in providing exceptional Dog Boarding.

The Paddington Pups EXPERIENCE

You need the peace of mind that your dog is being cared for, is happy and healthy while you enjoy your holiday or work trip and you will have it knowing we will care for your dog like he or she is our own.

We do a thorough assessment on all dogs, in our daycare setting, before we accept them for Boarding. (We do this by asking that they attend Day Care with us for at least half a day before they come for boarding.)   This means that we all know they are comfortable, happy and having fun in the daycare environment and that they won’t be stressed or anti-social during their stay.

During the 12 hours of standard daycare, the dogs have humans around them to play and pat the dogs. This is our standard; it doesn’t cost any extra. We know pats, cuddles and plays are super important and shouldn’t be timed or an added extra.

Dogs are taken for a walk every day. Everyone likes to stretch their paws and have a good sniff about the place.

Our guests are fed twice a day, with super-premium, holistic, organic food that is grain free and gluten free. We proudly feed Ivory Coat, Meals for Mutts or Complete Pet Food Company food.

If your dog is a fussy eater and you want to bring your own food in for them, we will feed this to them at no extra cost.

At night dogs have their own Kuranda® bed, a soft feel bed that provides firm orthopedic support, on a raised platform. These beds are designed to be chew-proof, super comfortable and are easily kept hygienically clean.

All play and sleeping areas are air-conditioned (or heated in winter), you shouldn’t have to pay for deluxe accommodations just so your dog won’t overheat.

There are trained doggy daycare attendants onsite with our K9 guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During day-care opening hours, we have a human (aka staff) to dog ratio of 1 to 13 maximum. We find that we can give much better care and attention to our K9 guests with this ratio, than the PIAA standard of 1 human to 40 dogs.

There is a skilled pet care professional onsite overnight with our K9 guests.

We have Vets available and on call 24/7 in the off chance that something does happen, or your Pup becomes unwell.

We love dogs, so we won’t charge extra even if your dog has a couple of gray hairs and is over 11 years of age.

There is no minimum stay length or peak period surcharge.

We will hydro-bath your dog for free before you come to pick them up.

We have full grooming services available (at extra charge) if your dog wants a new look during their holiday. Please book these through reception or when booking your Boarding.

The Experience at a glance

  • 12 hours a day in large play areas with other dogs and humans
  • Daily walks
  • Overnight on site pet-care professionals with the dogs
  • Large sleeping areas with premium beds
  • Premium, organic, holistic pet food provided twice a day
  • Fully air-conditioned play and sleeping areas
  • No surcharge or minimum stay, even during peak times.

Our Prices


1 to 6 nights $80 a night, per dog

7 nights or more $70 a night, per dog

Pre-Paid Boarding packages – you have 365 days to use your package and it doesn’t have to be used all in 1 visit

5 Night Package – $345.00

10 night Package – $640.00

15 night Package – $897.00

20 Night Package – $1160.00



To board at Paddington Pups, your dog needs to

Be de-sexed, if they’re over 6 months old

Be Vaccinated, a certificate of vaccination for C5 needs to be provided (often your vet can email it to us)

Have attended at least half a day of daycare with us at Paddington Pups

Pick-ups after 1 pm will be charged for a half day of daycare.

If any days of a Boarding Stay fall with a peak time (these being Good Friday through to Easter Monday and Christmas Eve through to New Years’ Day) then Boarding must be paid for in advance at time of booking. If the Boarding Booking is cancelled, or decreased in length, within 2 weeks of the start date of the booking then only 50% of the boarding fees will be refunded. If the Boarding Booking is cancelled, or decreased in length within 7 days of the start date of the booking boarding fees will not be refunded.

If boarding booking is being paid for with a Boarding Package, half of the booked nights will be removed from the package if the Boarding Booking is cancelled, or decreased in length, within 2 weeks of the start date of the booking. If the Boarding Booking is cancelled, or decreased in length within 7 days of the start date of the booking boarding all of the booked days will be removed from the Boarding Package.

If your dog is not picked up by the scheduled end date of your boarding booking and your dogs boarding continues through a peak time (these being Good Friday through to Easter Monday and Christmas Eve through to New Years’ Day). All days beyond the original end date of the boarding booking will be charged at double standard boarding fees due to staffing constraints and public holiday charges.

You will need to sign and agree to follow our Terms and Conditions.