Pink Himalayan Salt for your Dogs

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You might have noticed the big craze at the moment over Himalayan salt and the amazing health benefits it has for us. From using it in food to drinking it in water and even using it as a deodorant stick or bath salts.

It really is amazing stuff! Lots of people don’t realize that it has just as good health benefits for our dogs.
Incase you aren’t aware here are some of the great benefits of pink Himalayan salt:
• Creates an electrolyte balance
• Increases hydration
• Regulates water content both inside and outside of cells
• Prevents muscle cramping
• Aids in proper metabolic functions
• Strengthens bones
• Lowers blood pressure
• Helps the intestines absorb nutrients
• Improves circulation
• Dissolves and eliminates sediment to remove toxins
Just remember that pink Himalayan salt is very different to table salt or rock salt and in some ways it is quite the opposite.
There are a few ways you can add some Pink Himalayan salt into your dogs diet.
You can sprinkle a very small amount onto their food a couple of times a week, sprinkle some in their water each time you fill it up or you can purchase quite large rocks 1 – 20 and sit it somewhere in your house so your dog can go and have a lick of it whenever they like. Dogs are incredible at self-medicating so if they are craving a mineral (Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements) they can just go over to the salt rock and lick it as much as they like.

If you are having trouble finding a big piece of Himalayan salt you can simply buy a salt lamp and remove the bulb and lead from it.
You should be able to find Pink Himalayan salt at your local supermarket though.

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