Paddington Pups Seriously Flooded Now and More to Come

Just Letting everyone know we are seriously flooded now and still major peaks expected this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

We might need some help to get back up and running when the flood water subsides.

Here are some Photos from about 9 am this morning.

Heussler Tce FloodsHeussler Tce Floods 2Heussler Tce Floods 4

4 Responses to “Paddington Pups Seriously Flooded Now and More to Come”

  • We are very sad to hear this. Paddington Pups is Ella’s favourite place to visit. Please keep us updated if you can and let us know if you need help with the clean up!

  • Hi Bree and everyone, I saw Paddington Pups on the TV coverage of Suncorp stadium and clearly this is awful. Please keep us posted on what help we can be for the clean up. Mackenzie & Bliss have mops at the ready. Stay safe everyone, Beth

  • Tashi and I are missing you already. Really hope you can get through this and we see you back on board as early as possible. Hope there was heaps of helpers to get you through.

    We’ve been dealing with floods in our street too.

    Bev Newman and Tashi

  • Those pictures are insane. My prayers are extended to you. I hope you get through this strengthened and happy. Flooding is such a crazy thing to bounce back from. I hope not too many irreplacable items were ruined.

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