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Grooming progress









About a year ago, I wrote an article on what a day at Paddington Pups is like for our grooming guests, but I still get questions from clients, new and old, about what goes on during their pup’s visit. So – now that we are all set up in our brand new location – I thought it was about time for a refresher!


First of all, before any puppies arrive, we get our hydrobaths ready. This gives the heaters time to warm up so that each puppy can be comfortable with a variable temperature suited to the season. After that the groomers go through the daily schedule to figure out how the day will go and who is going to groom which puppies.


We require that all our grooming clients arrive before 8:30am so we can get started, as we don’t groom one puppy from start to finish before starting on the next. It takes a few minutes to talk to each client about what they would like (or in some rare cases can have) for their puppies in terms of length and style. Then we take the puppy into the grooming dogs’ own exclusive play area where they can socialise with other puppies waiting for their turn to be pre-clipped.


Pre-clipping is an important part of the grooming process. It removes the bulk of the hair being clipped so that we aren’t unnecessarily washing hair that’s not going to stay on the dog anyway. At this stage we clip the nails – which is included with every full and maintenance groom – remove hair from all the hygiene areas (eyes, abdomen, and under the tail) and clip the hair from between the footpads.


After the pre-clip, it’s time for a bath. Shampoo is chosen by the groomer depending on the sensitivity of the dog’s skin, how dirty the coat is, and whether or not he or she has fleas (which is thankfully a rare case!). Owners are also welcome to bring in their own shampoo, particularly if their puppy has been prescribed a medicated wash by their vet.



The puppies are then blow-dried by our professional grade, high velocity grooming dryers in a dedicated blow-drying room before they go back to the grooming table for their final clip.

The final, or ‘finish’ clip gets the hair on the body and legs a lot more even using a combination of clippers and a lot of scissor work. This is the most time consuming part of the process as getting the face, feet and legs perfect takes a long time with the scissors! The finished look, however, is definitely worth it, and puppies are able to go back to their own play area while they wait for their owners, or join the other daycare puppies in daycare if they are staying on with us.


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