Paddington Pups Flood Progress

As you are probably already aware, Paddington Pups was one of the businesses unfortunately located in the path of Brisbane’s recent and devastating floods.  Tuesday (11th Jan) the Paddington Pups staff safely evacuated home some 35 daycare dogs by the early afternoon. By 3am the following morning the daycare was already 1 metre under water. At its peak the water level reached around 8 feet or about 3 meters within Paddington Pups!

Luckily the team managed to move most of the stock upstairs to an area which thankfully remained dry. The waters receded by Friday morning and the monumental task of cleaning up began.

All the Paddington Pups staff would like to thank everyone who lent a helping hand – you will never know how much your help and support was and is appreciated! In spite of all the devastation, the incredible support given to us by friends and strangers was a truly heartwarming experience for all of us.

What initially seemed like a daunting mountain of work, we are trying to see it more like a fresh opportunity to rebuild and revamp our beloved doggy daycare! In fact, it has come so far so fast that it doesn’t look that bad at all! New walls have gone up, fresh coats of paint have been applied and the floors have been cleared of debris – you wouldn’t know that just weeks ago it was inches thick with mud!

We have rapidly progressed with our clean up efforts and we are Re-Open for daycare THIS Monday (24th Jan). Some of our suppliers have been wonderful in assisting us in re opening and have been kind enough to supply us with some great give aways for our clients until supplies run out.

During the clean up Paddington Pups has been hosed out by staff and clients, then the fire brigade. All the walls windows and gates have been sterilized and cleaned some parts two and three times. The outdoor area has been treated for bugs (just in case) and inside Daycare has been fogged with an anti bacterial, hypoallergenic, food safe coating that kills germs on contact and does not allow mold or mildew to grow.  We do all this because the safety and well being of your dog and mine is important to all the team at Paddington Pups.

A special shout out to any of our Daycare clients who were also affected by the floods please let us know as we would like to offer you some help and assistance where we can.

We hope to see you soon!

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  • What a tragedy, but what a hopeful and intelligent response. If everyone affected by this disaster had responded in the same way you did, I am sure there would not have been such a huge amount of destruction. Thank you for being such a great example of compassion and endurance.

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