Meet the Paddington Pups Team

Meet the Paddington Pups Team 

Neil – Doggy Daycare Manager.

Neil, pictured here with his much loved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Nimbus (his favourite breed of dog) absolutely loves working with dogs. He joined the team after hearing about how great Paddington Pup’s is from a friend who worked with us.

Neil also soon found that he loved working at Paddington Pups and the dogs here loved him too. His dog, Nimbus now has a whole team of people at Paddington Pups to give her cuddles and so many dog friends.  You can see from their smiles that they are very happy members of the team here at Doggy Daycare.

Neil works so well with the dogs and due to his excellent organisational, dog care and people skills has recently been promoted as a manager at Paddington Pups.

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