Keeping your dogs cool on the hotter days



Coming into January and February the weather can get extremely hot and humid. A lot of the time we can have trouble keeping ourselves cool so imagine our little fury friends. Unlike us, dogs only sweat from a very small area of their body and it’s their feet. Dogs tend to find it much harder to cool down than we do so why not do something for your dog to keep them cool during the hot months.


Splash pools: Getting a small tub or one of the half clam shells from Bunnings or toy stores is a great way to cool your pups down. On a really hot day fill it up with water and let your dogs have a great time splashing about and swimming. Even just getting out the hose and giving them a good soak will help them keep cool.


Rubbing alcohol: When we sweat the water evaporates and takes heat with it. Rubbing alcohol has a much lower boiling point than water so it evaporates much quicker. Rubbing alcohol on your dogs feet pads and in between their toes will help them cool down much faster than using water on their feet. Be careful not to use to much as it can dry their feet.


Cold treats: The options are endless; you could freeze a tin of sardines and cut the can off so they have a sardine popsicle. You could make some beef or chicken stock and freeze it in popsicle trays to make ice blocks out of them. If your one of the lucky ones who’s dog likes vegetables, cucumber is a great treat that is packed with water.


Grooming: stripping out your dogs coat, shaving their belly, getting them shaved all over; there are lots of different ways of grooming your dog to keep them cool, especially if they have a long thick coat.

Lots of shade or air conditioning: Ideally, it is great if you can allow your dog inside with you in the air-con. If this is not possible, lots of shade and fresh drinking water will suffice.

No exercise: During summer, in the middle of the day is a big no no. If you need to take your dog out try taking him before 7am or after 7pm, as these are the coolest times of the day. Exercising your dog in extreme heat can lead to over heating and other emergency situations.


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