K9 Grass A Revolution

Since embarking on this amazing trip to travel to the U.S and spend some time amongst the dog community and with with Cesar Millan, we have been witness to some amazing innovations in the animal industry!

One of the great concepts is the K9 Grass- a type of artificial grass designed specifically for dogs! This amazing product has been used in the US for multiple years now, designed by the well established Forever Lawn company.
The idea of K9 grass came from the company frequently being asked about synthetic grass to be installed for dogs. Although the original synthetic grass has its advantages, it also comes with many setbacks for the usage of pets. The concept of cleaning and draining was difficult and was not providing an easy solution. The issue of odour was also a major drawback!
K9 grass was the first of its kind introduced to the U.S, with its unique knitted formula to allow drainage and density, as well as an antimicrobial agent to control stains and smells. This one of a kind grass is completely washable as well to give users an easy option for cleaning!
K9 Grass has been installed in many pet facilities within the United States, with some great testimonials offered! One of the major clients for K9 Grass is the doggy daycare L.A Dogworks which we have talked about previously.
L.A Dogworks is a large doggy daycare and boarding complex. The dog daycare area is completely installed with K9 Grass and offers an aesthetically pleasing and practical option for this daycare! The grass is sanitized daily and offers a plush, comfortable surface for the dogs to both play and rest on.
Described as “dirt free, ultra high tech, safe and antimicrobial”, it really is an amazing innovation that has only just started to be installed within Australian borders. it’s clear I am interested to look into this new idea!!

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  • hi there 🙂 just wondering if you know of any suppliers of k9 grass in australia. i’m in new zealand and i thought australia might be my best bet to get it rather than from the states. .. thanks, sarah

  • Hey Sarah
    K9 Grass is really hard to get in Australia I have tried myself with not much luck the only people I know that have it are Therion they are a supplier of thisngs for dog kennels etc.
    try http://www.therian.com.au


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