Ho Ho No – Don’t Eat That!

Ho Ho No – Don’t Eat That!

Christmas time is upon us! The time for family gatherings, gorging ourselves with all of the delicious sweets and foods and not having a worry in the world. That is, unless your beloved family pet finds him or herself trying out some of that tasty chocolate Auntie Grace received from the jolly fat man himself!


While it is perfectly normal to spoil your pet over the festive season with an animal approved feast, caution needs to be used as there are plenty of foods that can cause harm – even death – to the furry member of the family.


We all know about the massive health implications Chocolate can cause to our household pooches but, there are many other well-loved festive treats such as grapes and raisins, nutmeg and alcohol that all have the potential to make your dog seriously ill too?

According to the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Nutmeg is one of the lesser known poisonous foods for dogs. If consumed, it can cause seizures, issues with the nervous system, tremors and even death. So be sure, if you’re adding some to that delicious eggnog, you keep it well out of reach of your dog.


Grapes and raisins also carry serious health issues if your dog consumes them. Acute kidney failure is a strong possibility, so be sure to keep the traditional Plum Pudding out of the dog’s dinner bowl!


Alcohol is another major concern over the Festive Season, with spilt drinks and half empty bottles not being disposed of correctly, according to the AVA, even a small amount of Alcohol is enough to kill your pet.


That left over duck fat, or those sausages that you don’t want to go to waste may seem like they can’t do much harm to your Dog, but in fact, they can! Foods that are too fatty have the potential to inflame your dog’s pancreas and in turn, lead to pancreatitis, so keep them for leftovers for all of the two legged people of the family.


While we can become complacent over this time with festive distractions, it is important we know the health risks that can be associated with these delicious human treats and make sure to feed our animals only nutrient rich, pet quality treats and food from Paddington Pups, or your vets.

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