Great news for our Awesome Grooming Clients

Great news for our Awesome Grooming Clients

Our Daycare clients have been able to reap the rewards of referring a friend to join The Pack at Paddington Pups for a long time now. Anyone who wants to send a new Daycare Client our way just needs to grab a ‘Refer a Friend’ card from the front counter and give it to all their friends with dogs. When they come in for their first day and give us the card, they receive their first day of Daycare half price and our lovely customer who recommended us gets a free day of daycare added to their account.


We are thrilled to be introducing a ‘Refer a Friend’ program for our awesome Grooming Clients too. We will soon be giving ‘Refer a Grooming Friend’ cards to our Grooming clients when they bring their dog/s in for a groom, (or you can get them at the front counter). Just like the Daycare program all you have to do is write your name on the card and give them to your friends with dogs who are in need of a great haircut and who haven’t been to Paddington Pups for Grooming before.

Once your friend brings their dog in for their first Full Groom with us they will receive “The Works” for free with their first groom and as a thank you from us a free “The Works” pack will be added to your account to be used at your dog’s next groom. “The Works” pack includes;

  • Anal Gland expression
  • Nail file
  • Teeth Brush
  • Ear Clean and an
  • Ear Pluck.

No matter what breed your dog is, or what style cut you want we can provide a fabulous groom for your dog. Your dog will be looking and feeling even better after their groom when they receive “The Works” for free.



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