Essential Oils for Dogs


Essential Oils are an aromatic, naturally occurring chemical component of plants that are usually extracted by distillation. Through Lab testing of these chemicals constituents has led to an understanding of their benefits and in recent years interest in therapeutically blended essential oils for Canines has increased.


Please note if using Essential Oils on your dog it is important that the oil are therapeutic grade so as not to cause harm to your dog.


You will often be able to smell therapeutic oil diffusing at Paddington Pups. If you are interested in getting therapeutic grade essential oils we can facilitate this process for you.


Listed below are some essential oils which are safe for your dogs and what they can be used for.


Bergamot – Antifungal, soothing and excellent for ear infections caused by yeast or bacterial overgrowth.


Carrot Seed Anti – inflammatory, tonic, with moderate antibacterial effects. Good for dry flaky sensitive skin, which is prone to infection. Can rejuvenate and stimulate tissue regeneration, thus effective for scar healing.


Cedar wood – Antiseptic, tonifying, circulation stimulating. Good for skin and coat conditioning and Dermatitis of all types, can also be Flea Repelling.


Chamomile, German – Anti-inflammatory, non-toxic, gentle and safe to use. Good for skin irritation allergic reactions and burns.


Chamomile, Roman – Antispasmodic, analgesic, nerve calming. Good for soothing the central nervous system. Effective for relief of muscle pains, cramps, teething pain. ( a must have oil for dogs ).


Clary Sage – Nerve-calming, gentle when used in small amounts and properly diluted. Sedates the central nervous system.


Eucalyptus Radiata – Antiviral, anti-inflammatory, an expectorant. Good for relief of chest congestion. Effective in repelling flea’s.


Geranium – Gentle and safe, antifungal. Good for skin irritation, fungal ear infections. Effective for repelling ticks.


Ginger – Non – Toxic, non – irritating and safe to use in small amounts if properly diluted. Good for motion sickness and aids digestion. Effective for pain relief caused by arthritis, dysplasia strains and sprains.


Helichrysum – Anti – inflammatory, analgesic, regenerative effects, extremely therapeutic. Excellent for skin irritations. Effective for healing of scars and bruises and effective for pain relief.


Lavender – very safe and gentle, antibacterial, anti itch, nerve – calming. Good for many common animal ailments e.g.: skin irritation.


Marjoram, Sweet – Strong antibacterial, calming, muscle relaxant, good for bacterial skin infections, wound care and insect repelling.


Niaouli – Antihistaminic, powerful antibacterial properties yet less likely to cause irritation than tea tree. Good for ear infections and skin problems caused by allergies.


Valerian – Nerve-Calming. Good for treating dog anxiety such as noise or separation anxiety.


Please consult your vet before beginning using any essential oils on your pet.

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