Dog Toys, The New Generation

bionic toysAs you may have noticed, we have been stocking a number of different looking and feeling dog toys around our shop in an effort to give our customers a great range to choose from. Although a lot of our toys have remained popular over the years like the JW range including the Good and Bad Cuz’s, the Dinocuz and of course, Dexter the Elephant, we also thought it was important to bring in a new series of dog toys that suited a large percentage of our clientele- Tough Toys.

These ‘Tough Toys’ include something for every dog, including scented rubber Frisbees, soft toys, tug-of-war sticks and squeaker mats!

bionic frisbeeOne of our newest ranges, the Bionic dog toys, offer a variety of different shaped scented toys made out of a specially engineered rubber designed to withstand event the toughest of plays. These combined materials are 100% food safe, they float and are all recyclable! For an easy clean, they are also able to be chucked in the dishwasher, or like we use them out the back, in the washing machine.

Their range also includes a vanilla scented Frisbee that also turns into a fun tug toy- simply follow the instructions and flip it into an interactive game.

The Bionic range is easy to spot in our shop due to their bright orange colouring, designed so they are easy to spot in the park or if you are throwing them in the water for your dog. There are a few options to choose from, including the original Ball, the Bone and the Stuffer (an interactive toy designed to have treats inside).

As the ultimate test, we threw a few of these out the back with our bigger, boisterous puppies, and unlike most toys they survived the afternoon! This range is very durable and is yet to fail in our daycare, still proving a hit with all the dogs.tuffie dog toy

Another new and exciting line we have decided to stock if the Tuffie Toys. Unlike the Bionic range, the Tuffies feature soft but durable toys for dogs that like something a little bit more gentle on their teeth! They offer a variety of different ranges suited to the destructive level of the dog.

Not only are these much more durable than normal soft toys due to their double fabric and high quality materials used, they also come in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes! These include barnyard animals, zoo animals, aliens, sea creatures and different shaped balls. All of their products feature a Tuff Scale out of 10 to help you chose the right one for your dog.

Although they are exceptionally tough for a soft toy range, they are not a chew toy and shouldn’t be left with a dog unsupervised. This may lead to the toy being completely destroyed if unattended so make sure they are used only as activity based, whether your throwing them or just wrestling around!

We also stock the new JW Megalast range, which features squeeking bears and sausage dogs in a tough rubber!

We stock all of these products in our shop, so if these sound like a new, fun idea for your puppy, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly team in store.

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