Dog Teeth and Mouth Hygiene

Like us, dogs need to maintain good oral hygiene but how it’s so much harder to brush their teeth?

They may not be able to hold a toothbrush and toothpaste but there are ways that we can help our furry friends keep a nice white smile.

Gum disease and smelly breath is not just an inconvenience and an expensive exercise for you, but it can really affect your dog’s well being and comfort.

Raw ride is a great way to assist in healthy teeth and gums. Raw hide not only helps keep teeth clean but it also keeps your dogs entertained for hours.

Bones from your local butcher or of course Paddington pups is also a good alternative, but make sure they are raw or dehydrated so they don’t splinter and cause problems.

Chicken wings and necks are okay but as long as they are uncooked. Any form of cooked small bone like a lamb chop is a big no no, even though they might look at you with those big brown puppy dog eyes.

Another edible option are Greenies, we stock them here and they are a tasty treat that all dogs will love.

You can also buy brushes that fit over your finger and give those chompers a clean yourself this can be used with special dog toothpaste that leaves them with minty freshness.

We also stock options to put in their drinking water and gels and sprays to remove tatar.

Whatever option just be sure it’s an option that you can easily and regularly maintain for the long term health of your dog.

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