Dog Shampoo, Which is Best For Your Dog?

At Paddington Pups we offer a choice of four shampoos for our hydrobath and grooming dogs. This time around I thought I’d let you know what these are and the benefits of each. All dogs have different skin types and it is important to make sure you’re using the right shampoo for your pet:

Everyday shampoo

The everyday shampoo is the best cleaner of the four. It is suited to particularly grubby puppies that don’t have sensitive skin. When I say ‘grubby’, many of the pups whose owners have opted for this shampoo have just run around at the park after rain or who seem to perpetually have that ‘doggy’ smell about them. Everyday baths are $13.

Oatmeal shampoo

This shampoo is for our bathers who have sensitive skin. It has a sweet scent and is gentle to the puppies. For this reason it’s also perfect for washing faces as it is gentle on the eyes, like baby shampoo!

For grooming puppies, this is the shampoo we most often use because it leaves the coat soft and smelling sweet. An oatmeal bath costs $15.

Flea shampoo

This one’s pretty self explanatory! Flea shampoo contains natural pyrethrins which kills adult fleas almost straight away (within the time that it takes for a 5 – 10 minute bath anyway!).

If we find fleas on grooming puppies, because they have to spend time with other dogs, we will wash them in flea shampoo. If the puppy has sensitive skin we may follow up with a sensitive skin conditioning treatment designed to soothe irritations and allergic reactions. Flea shampoo baths are $15.

Emu Oil shampoo

This shampoo has the sweetest scent of all! It also contains, as the name suggests, emu oil, which acts as both a conditioning agent to the skin and coat as well as naturally improving the healing process of cuts and insect bites. An emu oil bath costs $17.

Aloveen Conditioning Treatmentaloveen

An Aloveen conditioning treatment may be added to any bath for $3. Aloveen conditions both the coat and skin and is specially formulated to soothe and actively combat skin related allergies.

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