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Agreement to Terms and Conditions
  • Paddington Pups agrees to provide a secure, clean & caring environment

  • Your dog will be played with and cuddled throughout the day

  • In the event that your dog is unwell, we will try to contact you immediately on the phone numbers that you have provided below
• *I agree to provide a copy of my dog’s C5 vaccination certificate to doggy daycare staff. • *I will not bring my dog/s to daycare in the event that my dog displays symptoms of being unwell e.g. unusually tired, vomiting or coughing. • *In the event that my dog/s are unwell and I am not contactable, I authorize for Paddington Pups staff to take my dog/s to a vet for treatment and I will pay the full expenses associated with that treatment when I collect my dog/s. • *I agree that in the event that my dog/s arrives at daycare with fleas &/or ticks, my dog/s will be flea bathed & treated accordingly and I will be charged for any expenses. • *I will notify Paddington Pups of my dog’s pre-existing health conditions (if any). • *Paddington Pups and any associated company is not liable for any injury that may arise in my dog/s as a result of a pre-existing condition. • *I accept all reasonable risk of injury to my dog/s that may occur in normal doggy daycare or grooming activities including walks and play with other dogs. • *I will notify Paddington Pups staff in the event that my dog/s has recently displayed aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people. • *If my dog/s is aggressive towards other dogs or staff members at daycare, I may be contacted and asked to collect my dog/s immediately. • *I will collect my dog/s from Paddington Pups by 7pm sharp and if I fail to collect my dog, my dog will be placed in overnight boarding at my expense. *
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After you click 'Submit' the details you have entered will be cleared and a message that the form has been submitted should appear, a copy of the form will be emailed to Paddington Pups and to you too. If the Doesn't happen please scroll back up the screen and look for any messages in red font which highlight any sections you may have missed. Fill them in and click on the submit button again. Do NOT refresh the screen,or all your data will be lost.  Thank you.