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Paddington Pups QUT Pet Adoption Documentary

Just a few weeks ago, Paddington Pups invited a few QUT students into our daycare centre to film  footage for a Documentary they put together on pet adoption. Some of our customers kindly allowed the students to do some short interviews with them about where they got their very much loved puppy from.

They also interviewed Bree about the daycare centre and the importance of dog adoption. Watch closely as your puppy may have been in on the day for day care or grooming and could be on the video!



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Dogs in the Service


As ANZAC day approaches we prepare to pay tribute to all the brave men and woman who have given their lives to protect and serve our country. This month we want to pay tribute not only to the brave men and woman but also to thousands of the most unheralded members of the force, the service dogs, who are heavily involved in the war on terror and who also risk their lives daily to protect us.

In the US more than 2300 dogs are involved in the war, and it is these dogs, along with their handlers from every military service, who are deployed worldwide to support the war on terror. They are actively helping to safeguard military bases and activities, and to detect bombs and other explosives before they inflict harm.


The vast majority of military working dogs are German and Dutch shepherds and Belgian malinois. These breeds can ... Click here to read more....

PIAA Pet Store Members Fight to Stamp Out Puppy Farms

News just released earlier today by the Pet Industry Association Australia also know as the PIAA  (which Paddington Pups is a member) released its Dogs Lifetime Guarantee Policy on Traceability and Re-homing for dogs.

This breakthrough new PIAA policy effective in NSW from 1 October 2012, Guarantees that:

Dogs purchased from PIAA member retail stores are sourced from PIAA approved breeders who meet animal welfare standards and whose operations are subject to independent audit by a veterinarian each year.

Any dog purchased from a PIAA member that is subsequently abandoned by its owner will be re-homed and saved from euthanasia. The first state to implement PIAA re-homing is NSW, where PIAA has partnered with RSPCA NSW.

Speaking at the launch at NSW Parliament House, PIAA Chief Executive Roger Perkins said consumers can now be confident that by buying a dog or puppy from a PIAA member store, they ... Click here to read more....

Problems With Your Canine Next Door?

It is no secret that dogs can be a handful for their owners but they can also be quite a headache for their neighbours. While most of us would like to believe that dog owners are considerate enough to make sure their dog doesn’t disturb their neighbours, the fact of the matter is that some don’t. Some dog owners let their dog run wild, bark incessantly at all hours of the night, and even use their neighbour’s lawn to go to the bathroom.

Unruly dogs often bother next door dog lovers and owners as well by terrorizing their dog which could lead to serious complications or even a dog fight; which is every owner’s nightmare!

If a neighbour’s dog is bothering you or your property, there are a number of steps you can take to fix the situation. The most common issue neighbours face with the door next door is ... Click here to read more....

Your Rights In Brisbane

Unfortunately, not everyone is a dog lover. There are cat lovers, bird lovers, and even rodent lovers among us. They could even live right next to you! Most people are tolerable enough to accept other people’s pet preference as long as it doesn’t interfere with their lives, but there are those who blatantly despise dogs or other animals. Some of these people will go as far as trying to find any little complaint they possibly can and file it in an attempt to have your dog taken from you. No one wants to lose their families precious canine member which is why it is in your best interest to know your rights as a Brisbane Council resident and dog owner. As long as you follow the guidelines and responsibilities set by the Brisbane Council, you have nothing to fear from any dog hating neighbors.

The Brisbane Council has stated ... Click here to read more....

Dog Breeder Identification Numbers

Recently, the Queensland Government proposed a new dog breeder identification system in an attempt to get rid of puppy farmers and ensure more dogs are raised and placed in good homes. The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was very excited at this recent piece of legislation. The RSPCA has taken care of more than a thousand dogs over the last two years that were seized from their cruel abodes on puppy farms. With the new system, puppies will be able to be traced back to their breeders for the rest of their lives.

What are puppy farms? A puppy farm is a facility that breeds dogs in mass particularly certain rare and highly sought after breeds of dogs and then sells them for a profit. In theory these farms seem perfectly acceptable. Even helpful by providing more supply to a very demanding industry. However, it ... Click here to read more....

Pet Ownership in Australia

For years Australia has held the title of having one of the highest incidences of pet ownership in the world.

Ninety one percent of pet owners in Australia state they consider their pets to be integral parts of the family. Eighty three percent of people claim pets were a normal part of their childhood in one way or another. These statistics have been taken by a variety of different organizations and each concludes that Australia is not only one of the biggest pet owning countries in the world; it is also one of the most caring and humane as well.

In 2009, the ACAC, Australian Companion Animal Council, released their newest report on the ‘Contribution of the Pet Care Industry to the Australian Economy’. This report not only discusses the monetary status of pet care in Australia but also states the most accurate and up-to-date figures of pet ownership ... Click here to read more....

Café Society and Dogs

In Queensland, café owners can now face a fine of up to $2000 if their patrons are found with companion dogs in the designated ‘food consumption area’.  Despite New South Wales recently passing a law allowing companion dogs in certain areas, only service dogs such as Guide Dogs are allowed in areas where food is served in Queensland.

The dog owner can also face a $200 on-the-spot fine in the instance of keeping your dog in a café area.

However, there is a new business venture that has spread throughout Australia recently called the “Doggy Café” where they provide a human menu and one for our pets.  There is a large outside area for pets to sit with their owners to eat and socialize.  If you are interested in researching near-by Doggy Café’s, there are many dedicated animal-loving cafes out there!

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Microchipping Dogs in Brisbane

Microchipping of cats and dogs is now a requirement in effect across Queensland.  This requirement was rolled out in local Council areas from 1 July 2009.

When an animal is implanted with a microchip, the microchip is given a unique number.  The unique microchip number is different to the animal’s Council registration number, and can be read with a microchip reader without causing distress to the animal.

When the microchip is read, the unique microchip number can be found in a Permanent Identification Device (PID) registry database, where it shows details about the animal, including its owner and owner’s contact details.

It is important to inform the PID registry when information about your pet changes.  If you move house or change your telephone number, for instance, you should let the PID registry know so that they can update your contact details in their records.

To find out how to contact ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Evacuation Plan

In the event of an emergency, employees are alerted by a verbal announcement defining the type of emergency.  The policy of this establishment in the event of fire or other emergency is to assess the level of risk;

  • General Evacuation Required, or
  • Rapid Evacuation Required

In the case of General Evacuation:  All the owners of dogs present in daycare (and/or their emergency contacts) are to be phoned and advised of the situation, and advised to pick up their dogs immediately. Any preparations to avoid hazards are to be put in place by safety staff while evacuation is proceeding.  All staff are sent home and expected staff are advised of the situation.  All staff are continually updated on the progress of the situation and are advised on when the threat is over.

In the case of Rapid Evacuation:  Emergency services are to be called on 000.  All staff are to ... Click here to read more....