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Celiac Disease In Dogs


celiac Disease

Celiac disease is gluten intolerance in animals. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  Dogs, like humans, can suffer from celiac disease. By consuming products containing gluten an abnormal immune response occurs which attacks the small intestine. If Celiac Disease is left untreated it often leads to malnutrition and severe damage to your pups digestive system.


There are several signs that can indicate that your dog may have Celiac Disease. It is important that you are aware of the signs as early diagnosis is the always the best way to control any disease.

These signs include:

  • Skin problems
  • Hair loss
  • Bumps or lesions (These lesions usually show up on the dog’s feet, head, neck, ears and stomach)
  • Itching, flaking dry skin
  • Secondary skin infections
  • Chronic ear infections


If your dog shows any signs of being a Celiac then you should consult you vet immediately.

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Is your dogs urine burning your lawn ? There might be a simple solution to fix it.

2015 12 08 RGJ Burnt lawn







This is something we hear about all too often from our clients. Why is my dog’s urine burning our lawn and how do I stop it?

Sometimes it can be something as simple as changing their diet or placing some dog rocks in their dog water bowl.


Here are a few reasons why your dog’s urine might be burning the grass.

Alkaline urine pH, nitrogen load, and high solute concentration of the urine (dehydration).

Dogs that are on a cereal based diet (most kibbles) or a diet high in grains and fillers will have a fairly high pH. Because of this their urine will burn the grass when they pee on it. Dogs that are eating a natural RAW diet made up of soft consumable bones and meat will have a lower pH which is ideal for a carnivore and will dramatically reduce burns ... Click here to read more....

Kennel Cough


kennel cough p




Just like children in a playground can catch a cold from their playmates, dogs can catch similar ‘ parasites’ when socializing with other dogs. There is however misconceptions and fears surrounding many of the most common of dog illnesses. One such illness is Kennel Cough; this is one of the most easily transmittable illnesses and one which is often greatly feared by dog owners.

Despite this, Kennel Cough is very similar to a human cold or flu and can be easily managed when the correct preventative measures are followed and treatment is issued. Kennel Cough is caused by a virus, which usually leads to a secondary bacterial infection. This virus is airborne and there for can be caught from the dog next door, when walking, socializing or in a new environment. Your vet can vaccinate against Kennel Cough and this should be done during your dog’s ... Click here to read more....

Keeping your dogs cool on the hotter days



Coming into January and February the weather can get extremely hot and humid. A lot of the time we can have trouble keeping ourselves cool so imagine our little fury friends. Unlike us, dogs only sweat from a very small area of their body and it’s their feet. Dogs tend to find it much harder to cool down than we do so why not do something for your dog to keep them cool during the hot months.


Splash pools: Getting a small tub or one of the half clam shells from Bunnings or toy stores is a great way to cool your pups down. On a really hot day fill it up with water and let your dogs have a great time splashing about and swimming. Even just getting out the hose and giving them a good soak will help them keep cool.


Rubbing alcohol: When ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups QUT Pet Adoption Documentary

Just a few weeks ago, Paddington Pups invited a few QUT students into our daycare centre to film  footage for a Documentary they put together on pet adoption. Some of our customers kindly allowed the students to do some short interviews with them about where they got their very much loved puppy from.

They also interviewed Bree about the daycare centre and the importance of dog adoption. Watch closely as your puppy may have been in on the day for day care or grooming and could be on the video!



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Product of the Month Molly Mutt Beds



Molly Mutt Beds are designed to reuse old clothing or Manchester items and making them into a brand new dog bed.

Molly Mutt has a beautiful range of colours and designs of bed covers to keep your house hold looking fresh. These easy washable covers are durable and affordable.

The range also includes a water proof sack to keep all the insides dry if your dog was to wet the bed.

They come in 3 different sizes; small, medium/large and huge.

The Huge are priced at $76.95, The Medium/Large are $54.95 and the Small are $45.

Store away old blankets and clothing in these stylish dog beds which will remove excess clutter and keep your pooch warm and cosy this winter.

Get in quick at Paddington Pups as these great beds are very popular.


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Help Socalise your Dog

dogs-playingIt is important that dogs can play and be around other dogs and animals, but they cannot always do this by themselves which is why it is important to socialise your dog. Here are some handy hints on how to go about socialising one of the worlds most social creatures.


Early Socialisation; To ensure your dog is social it is important to start socialisation at a young age. It’s vital that this is done voluntarily and gradually because puppies like other young animals can get overwhelmed. Puppies also go through fear imprint stages in their early development which occurs around  8 to 10 weeks, and 6 to 14 months, which means during these times anything traumatic is more likely to impact their fears during their life.


Build Exposure; In order for your dog to feel comfortable in different environments, building exposure is important. During the fear imprint times ... Click here to read more....

Urine Off Stain Remover Video: Product of the Week

House training your pet can be tough and messy but with Urine Off those little mistakes on the carpet can be easily removed.

It is the only product of its kind with enzymes developed to work in combination with specially adapted bacteria that will actually consume uric acid crystals, and remove the odour with its pleasant citrus fragrance.

More information can be found by watching the below video and be sure to pick up a bottle of Urine Off when you’re next in store at Paddington Pups.

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How To Choose A Boarding Kennel or Dog Care Provider

When it is time for you or your family to head away on a dog-free holiday, it sometimes can prove quite difficult to find the kind of caring facility suitable for your dog. There are a few options to choose from, so you need to make sure you have considered your pet’s needs and health requirements to ensure they are happy (so that you can have a stress-free holiday!). If you do have a dog that has special food/medication requirements, make sure you alert who ever is looking after them of their condition and what they would need to do in case of an emergency.

Boarding Kennel

If you are interested is booking your dog into a boarding kennel while you where away, Queensland have many boarding kennels in that offer a range of services suitable for your pet. In almost all kennels, dogs are handled according to their ... Click here to read more....

Notes From The Grooming Table: Hot Spots

Over the past twelve months, with the wetter-than-normal weather, I’ve been getting asked by many of our daycare and grooming clients about hotspots: what are they, and how do dogs get them? As a dog owner whose dog is also predisposed to forming hotspots, I’ve had to do a lot of research and of course spent much time at my vet asking the same questions!

The types of dogs that normally get hotspots are those whose coat holds in moisture, including (but not exclusive to) Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Cattle Dogs. When the coat gets wet and consequently takes a long time to dry, the affected area becomes itchy, and often the only “scratching implements” able to reach these areas are your dogs teeth, leading to minor cuts, grazes and other forms of broken skin.

Typical areas to find hotspots include on the back at the base of the ... Click here to read more....