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Doggy Holidays Now Boarding at Paddington Pups

Doggie Holidays Now Boarding at Paddington Pups!

After looking at the options and standards available for boarding in the Brisbane area and across Australia, the need for a better option became so evident that the decision was made to introduce boarding at Paddington Pups.

So, you may well be wondering what is so wrong with a typical Boarding Kennels to prompt this?

At almost all boarding kennels dogs are kept in small runs, rooms, kennels or pens (we will just call them enclosures), sometimes with other dogs, sometimes by themselves. This might be ok if it were just for sleeping, but in most cases, this is for at least 20 hours a day, every day. At peak times, a lot of boarding kennels cannot guarantee that your dog will be taken out of this area at all.

There is no time guaranteed with people for pats or play, or cuddles, ... Click here to read more....