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Enhance Your Dogs Stay With Some Optional Extras!

Our Boarding care includes cuddles, love, walks as your dog requires, food and all day playtime with staff and other dogs.  However, a wide range of extras are available for your dog during its stay. 

Please select any treats you would like and the quantity:
This agreement is in accord with the requirements of the Domestic Animals Act 2001 and the Code of Practice for the operation of Boarding Establishments 2006. 1. All animals are to be fully vaccinated. Current vaccinations must be shown on admission – C5 for Dogs. 2. Owners must specify if their dog is un-desexed on booking. 3. Paddington Pups reserves the right to refuse entry of any animal. 4. Boarding rates are charged per calendar day. Prices will be pre-determined before your booking is confirmed. 5. The owner agrees to pay the rate for boarding in effect before on the date the animal is checked into Paddington Pups. 6. Arrivals and departures are during prescribed hours only. No out of hours arrivals and departures. 7. The owner acknowledges that 12hr notice (during office hours) is to be given if picking up their animal early to ensure that departure bath and departure procedures can be completed. Paddington Pups takes no responsibility should the bath or departure procedures not be completed due to lack of notice. 8. Pick-ups after 1 pm will be charged for a half day of daycare. 9. If any days of a Boarding Stay fall with a peak time (these being Good Friday through to Easter Monday and Christmas Eve through to New Years’ Day) then Boarding must be paid for in advance at time of booking. If the Boarding Booking is cancelled, or decreased in length, within 2 weeks of the start date of the booking then only 50% of the boarding fees will be refunded. If the Boarding Booking is cancelled, or decreased in length within 7 days of the start date of the booking boarding fees will not be refunded. 10. If boarding booking is being paid for with a Boarding Package, half of the booked nights will be removed from the package if the Boarding Booking is cancelled, or decreased in length, within 2 weeks of the start date of the booking. If the Boarding Booking is cancelled, or decreased in length within 7 days of the start date of the booking boarding all of the booked days will be removed from the Boarding Package. 11. If your dog is not picked up by the scheduled end date of your boarding booking and your dogs boarding continues through a peak time (these being Good Friday through to Easter Monday and Christmas Eve through to New Years’ Day). All days beyond the original end date of the boarding booking will be charged at double standard boarding fees due to staffing constraints and public holiday charges. 12. Payment by cheque is by prior arrangement only with Paddington Pups Management. 13. Should your dog require higher level, constant or palliative care whilst staying at Paddington Pups additional charges will be applied. 14. Under no circumstances will Paddington Pups, or any of its employees or agents, be held responsible for any items lost, destroyed or left behind on these premises such as toys, bedding, collars, etc. LEGAL RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES Domestic Animals Act 2001 - Sect 64 (Part 5) – 64 thru 68 1. The owner specially represents that he or she is the sole owner of the animal, free and clear of all encumbrances. 2. The owner agrees to pay all costs and charges for the special services requested, any special treatment needed and any veterinary costs for the animal during the time the animal is in Paddington Pups’ care. In the event of the animals illness and where the owner or their emergency contact cannot be readily contacted the veterinary surgeon’s decision in relation to treatment of the animal shall be final. Owner agrees to give permission to Paddington Pups to allow personal information regarding the Owner and their animal to be given to or received from a duly licensed Veterinarian. 3. The owner agrees to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behavior of the animal while it is in Paddington Pups care and hereby indemnifies Paddington Pups to the full extent permitted by law for any action of the animal, which apart from this insurance may have been created any liability on Paddington Pups. 4. All charges incurred by the owner pursuant to this agreement must be paid before the animal leaves Paddington Pups premises. 5. If all charges are not paid, Paddington Pups has the right to offer the animal for public sale, rehome or surrender said animal in a manner which Paddington Pups may in its sole and absolute discretion deem appropriate. If such sale/ rehoming /surrendering does not secure a price adequate to cover the charges and the cost of sale/rehoming / surrendering, the owner is liable to Paddington Pups for any shortfall. Paddington Pups may take this course of action as set out herein if not advised of a pickup date within two (2) weeks of the last advised departure date at which time the animal will be deemed to be abandoned. 6. Under no circumstances will Paddington Pups be held responsible for Canine Cough / Influenza, Paralysis Tick, GSD (Bloat), injury, illness, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any animal while in the control of Paddington Pups. 7. By boarding their animal and/or signing these conditions the owner acknowledges their acceptance of the Conditions of Boarding Animals and certifies to the accuracy of all information given. Name:
Or, please sign in-store to agree to the above terms and conditions.
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After you click 'Submit' the details you have entered will be cleared and a message that the form has been submitted should appear, a copy of the form will be emailed to Paddington Pups and to you too. If the Doesn't happen please scroll back up the screen and look for any messages in red font which highlight any sections you may have missed. Fill them in and click on the submit button again. Do NOT refresh the screen, or all your data will be lost.  Thank you.