Neil –neil-polaroid-photo

Doggy Daycare Attendant

What experience do you have in the industry?

I’ve always grown up with dogs and I can’t imagine myself as a child without a dog by my side. I enjoyed dog sitting and taking care of my friends and family’s pets, so I decided I should do something with my love of animals. One of my friends works at Paddington Pups and I would always hear about how much he loves his job, so as soon as I heard a position was available I jumped at the chance to join the team. I really value the opportunity I have here at Paddington Pups, playing with and taking care of the dogs on a daily basis.

What is your favourite type of dog?

I love all dogs that like to cuddle and play. The more cuddly and playful the better. It’s no secret however, that I love little stocky Staffordshire Bull Terriers, which have always had a special place in my heart. Besides having adorable big heads, I just can’t help but smile at their big grins and outgoing dispositions.

What pets do you have?

Since working here at Paddington Pups I have adopted Nimbus, my little white Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is a playful and loving girl with a big smile and a bigger heart, as you can see in the photo of us together. Working at Paddington Pups means that Nimbus has a whole team of people who care for her and give her the cuddles that she loves so much.

What is your favourite part of working at Paddington Pups?

My favourite part is definitely getting to know all of the dog’s personalities and quirks. The variety of dogs is amazing, both in terms of breeds and also personalities. No two dogs are the same. I’ve never seen a place quite like Paddington Pups and I am thrilled to be part of it.