Lisa (Dog Grooming Expert)

What experience do you have in this industry?

I have been a professional dog groomer for 10 years. I have also been a pet sitter for as long as I can remember, often looking after several dogs. Animals have always been a large part of my childhood.

What is your favourite type of dog?

My favourite is the German Shepherd, Maltese… anything with 4 legs really. The oldies have a special place in my heart.

What pets do you have?

I have three dogs, an 11-year-old Maltese called Ollie, a 5-year-old Lhasa x rat bag called Dexter, and a very naughty 2-year-old Maltese called Max.

Favourite part of working at Paddington Pups?

Cuddling all the puppies and dogs throughout the day! And also seeing how happy the puppies when they arrive in the mornings!