Dom (Manager, Pack Leader and Dog Consultant) 

What experience do you have in this industry?

I have been working at Paddington Pups about 4 years now! Prior to working here, I completed a Certificate II in Animal Studies and am currently studying a bachelor of Applied Science (Veterinary Technology) at UQ. I have always enjoyed the company of all kinds of animals, including ferrets, rats, snakes, lizards and parrots but my heart lies with the pup.

Since joining the team here I have learned a lot about all types of dogs and can’t see myself working in any other industry.


What is your favourite type of dog?

Prior to working at Paddington Pups I was definitely a big dog person but I have slowly developed a love for the smaller dogs, especially Toy Cavoodles. I still really enjoy having a bit of a wrestle with the big pups in day care; especially all of the crazy Labs who like to jump, chase and drool.

What pets do you have?

I have had many pets throughout my life ranging from pythons, lizards, ducks, chickens, parrots, rats, mice, and even a goat! Currently, none of these animals reside with me as I only have time and patience for my little ball of mischief, Burger, the Toy Cavoodle, who you will often see running around in the reception area of Paddington Pups. He loves to spend his days chasing the big dogs around day care and wagging his tail.


Favourite part of working at Paddington Pups?

Apart from picking up poo, almost all of it!

I really like playing around with all of the Labs, which we never have a shortage of. It’s also great watching the shy, new dogs become playful, as well as watching the crazy puppies grow up into mischievous adults.