Bree (Top Dog)

What experience do you have in this industry? Bree Profile Photo-215x228

I am officially an animal lover! I grew up on acreage in the hinterland on the Gold Coast and over my short years I have had horses, chickens, birds, fish, guinea pigs, cows, cats, the odd goat (and always lots of dogs!) and that is just our domestic pets, not to mention the numerous wild animals that lived at our doorstep.

I have trained in a small and intense training course with Cesar Millan The Dog Whisper at his Dog Rehabilitation Ranch in California.

I have also been extensively coached in the pet industry, and enjoy reading books that enable me to deliver greater value to clients and their dogs!

Keeping up to date with anything going on in the industry is my focus. I have attended numerous information nights to learn more about dogs, dog products and vet advice.

Back in November 2011, I have had the pleasure of giving Cesar Millan the Dog Whisper a guided tour of Paddington Pups during his latest visit here – most of our team also attending his show.

I am always pursuing further Animal Behaviour studies to assist the whole team in making Paddington Pups the best it can be.

What is your favourite type of dog?

I have to say Beagle, otherwise my Beagles (Boston and Brooklyn) will be upset – Boston is the one in the photo with me.

I have grown up with Labradors most of my life (4 in total), as well as having a Boxer, Weimerana, Great Dane and a few mix breeds all adopted from rescue shelters. In total have had 11 dogs, with two dogs at any one time. After owning this business and working here for several years now, I have grown fond of even more breeds of dogs!

I also love the Maltese, Golden Retrievers, West Highland Terriers, Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels, Cavaliers, and basically any dog with a big personality.

What pets do you have?

Currently Brooklyn and Boston Beagle.

I spend so much time looking after everyone else’s dogs during the day that at night, I sometimes pat my husband in my sleep mistaking his arm for a puppy! You should see his face when I relate my dreams in the morning.

Favourite part of working at Paddington Pups?

Puppy cuddle time when all the dogs get to snuggle with us at their level. I love dogs’ beautiful nature and their innate ability to make me smile. I also love seeing when the puppies go home, tired and sleepy and eagerly waiting to shake hands and get a parting treat. Dogs are so amazing.