3 Important Things The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, Can Teach You About Running A Business

Today’s blog post is from Dr Marc Dussault, a dog lover and The Exponential Growth Strategist. He often passes by Paddington Pups to see our mutts, pups and purebreds.

First, you need to become the ‘pack leader’ – we teach this in our Professional Mastery Programs and in our cornerstone event Unleash The Speaker Within™ as well as the lead-in event Become The Next Corporate Rockstar™. As Cesar explains, dogs are pack animals and are always jockeying for the top dog position – the “Alpha Dog” that all other dogs surrender to and follow. In business, if you are an owner-operator or corporate executive leading a team, you must win the hearts and minds of staff and other key stakeholders.

Second, you need to assume a calm and assertive attitude- in business that translates to what we can a Professional Persona™ – whereby you establish a preeminent position within your market place, industry or profession that spotlights you as the source of experience, expertise and know-how that people want to gain access to. Just as is the case with dogs, you can’t force a dog to respect you – it’s a state of mind, a physical presence, an aura that without sound and minimal gestures all dogs (and other animals) will pick up on instantly and intuitively.

You’ve seen this in action on Cesar’s show when he calms the most aggressive, territorial mutts in a matter of minutes. With your pre-eminence it means standing out above the crowd without being pushy, forceful or obnoxious. You must be authentically yourself and sincerely care about the people you are dealing with. There is nothing worse than being manipulative and exploiting a situation to your advantage. Too many sales-oriented people focus on the sale transaction rather than the relationship that leads into the third important thing Cesar can teach you about running a successful business…

Third, you need to know how to go for a walk dogs establish their position within the pack hierarchy when Walking the Dogthey walk (or were hunting in the wild). With domesticated dogs, that means you need to walk your dog(s) and not be pulled along just for ride as most dogs do to their owners.

In business, you must ‘walk the talk’, each and every day. You need to show your staff, prospects and clients who you are if you want them to follow you and/or continue to do business with you. That means you need to be consistent and congruent with your actions. Sometimes it means you need to make courageous decisions and remove some staff (and clients) ‘from the pack’, otherwise you quickly erode the cohesiveness of the pack. Once you’ve lost you’re way, it takes a lot more effort to regroup and re-establish your vision or mission with a somewhat jaded audience.

Last, but not least, this blog post is a metaphor. It in no way insinuates that staff, prospects or clients should be treated like dogs – I would never, ever denigrate dogs that way! (Just kidding…) But seriously – as Cesar explains “he trains people while he rehabilitates dogs.”

The same is true for people – we love being part of a group, a team or family. We want to be led by someone worthy. We want to contribute generously to others. We can’t do that in a Toxic Team™ environment that fosters in-fighting and disruptive behaviour.

I am sure you’ll agree that we can all learn from the wisdom of The Dog Whisperer – thanks Cesar!

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