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Celebrating Dog Birthdays

Our Fur Children’s birthdays deserve celebrating just as much as our own and at Paddington Pups we are here to help with the best dog birthday parties around. If your beloved dog is joining us on their special day we would love to help celebrate, in fact we will even throw in a gift too.

If you have registered your dog’s birth date and your email address with us, we will email you a gift to use with your awesome birthday dog, a complimentary Hydro-bath, with the shampoo of your choosing. We know this will help you celebrate your dog’s birthday with a lovely smelling birthday boy or girl to share hugs with. All you have to do to redeem your dog’s free birthday hydro-bath is bring in a copy (or show us) their birthday email instore. We can do the bath whilst they join us for daycare or as ... Click here to read more....

Understanding Fleas

As most pet owners are aware, flea infestations are quite a nuisance. They are capable of causing a range of problems to both pets and pet owners, so keeping them under control is a definitely a necessity. This article will briefly explore the problems fleas can cause, the fleas lifecycle, and methods of prevention.


The Problems They Cause

Irritation– Fleas have sucking mouthparts which are inserted into the skin for them to feed on blood and their saliva contains anticoagulants to keep blood flowing to the bite site. The action of the mouthpart insertion and anticoagulant chemicals leads to itching and irritation.

Dermatitis– Some pets will develop an allergic reaction to the flea bite which can lead to skin conditions such as flea bite dermatitis.

Anemia– Anemia means a below normal count of red blood cells. If exposed to severe infestations the feeding fleas can significantly reduce ... Click here to read more....

Winter Warmers – Dog Coasts and PJ’s

Winter is here and Paddington Pups has got your dog’s back, literally.

We have stocked up with dog coats and are ready to keep your pup warm during the cold season. We have brought in a range of Hamish McBeth dog coats and pyjamas. These dog clothes are designed for easy and comfortable wearing without the need for fasteners or harnesses. This makes it quick and simple to get on your dog so they can start feeling cosy.

The polyester fleece is hypoallergenic and is safe for most dogs with skin allergies. Hamish McBeth clothing comes in sizes ranging from 30cm to 80cm in length. This makes them perfect for almost all breeds and age groups.

The microfibre they are made from is very soft but also durable and is perfect for protecting your dog from the biting cold of winter wind.

Come in store and ask one of our ... Click here to read more....

Sleeping through Anything

At Paddington Pups we love a good afternoon nap, a little down time to recharge the batteries does a world of good. We think we may not love them as much as this beautiful Border Collie from Melbourne. A big thank you to Exponential Programs for alerting us to this Melbourne Power Napper who has gone viral.  Click here to find out why!

 ... Click here to read more....

June Dog of the Month

June Dog of the Month – Congratulations Tonka the Lab cross !!!

Tonka is a veteran of Paddington Pups and one of our most recognizable faces behind the counter. Tonka has been a regular member of the Paddington pups pack since all the way back in 2014.

On most days he’s in he can be found helping out around the front counter and asking for treats with his big puppy dog eyes.


Tonka is a black Labrador retriever cross who loves scratches, cuddles and of course the occasional treat. Tonka is an absolute pleasure to have as a member of the Paddington pups pack and we hope to continue seeing him for many years to come. ... Click here to read more....