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Happy, Healthy Dogs ~ Thundershirts

With Summer storm season still on us, some of our furry family members can get quite stressed out.

At Paddington Pups we are proud to sell Thundershirts to help our anxiety prove friends. Thunderhirts are designed to apply a constant, gentle pressure over dogs’ torsos. This creates a calming effect on dogs. The comforting effects used in Thundershirts has been used successfully for many years in humans and other animals, most notable example being people with autism using pressure to relieve chronic anxiety.


No training is required for Thundershirts! Just put ThunderShirt onto your dog, and you will likely see results during the very first usage. However, for some, it may take two to three usages to see maximum results. For some more serious anxiety cases, such as severe separation anxiety, you should consult a/your dog trainer for plans to integrate your ThunderShirt into a training program.


Anxiety ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups- Possible Champions Once again!

Paddington Pups- Possible Champions Once again!

For the past three years, Paddington Pups has entered in one of the most prestigious small business competitions held in Australia- The Australian Small Business Champion Awards. The awards were founded in 1999, and they seek to acknowledge the hard work that businesses contribute to the local community through creating employment, as well as their overall contribution to the Australian economy. There are over forty different business categories that can be entered, from education services to florists, and everything in between. Our category is within Pet Services, which includes animal shelters, pet shops, veterinary clinics, pet grooming, pet training, pet care, and several others. Of all the applications entered in each category, there are about ten businesses selected as finalists. As mentioned above we have enrolled in the last three years, and we have made the cut of finalist every time, so we must ... Click here to read more....

How to correctly use a clicker or marker

Training Tips with Todd  ~ How to correctly use a clicker or marker

Have you ever been flicking through Facebook and have come across a video of a dog riding a skateboard better than you ever could? Or putting their favourite toy bear in a pram and pushing it along? Then after the video has finished, you wonder, “I wish my dog could do that!”. Well, the good news is, with a little bit of time, they probably can!

Last month we covered how to install a marker such as a clicker or verbal cue with your dog so that you can start guiding and shaping their behaviour. If you followed the steps outlined in our last article and your dog has clearly made the connection between the marker and the reward, you are ready to start using it to train your dog to do amazing things!

Using a clicker ... Click here to read more....

Great news for our Awesome Grooming Clients

Great news for our Awesome Grooming Clients

Our Daycare clients have been able to reap the rewards of referring a friend to join The Pack at Paddington Pups for a long time now. Anyone who wants to send a new Daycare Client our way just needs to grab a ‘Refer a Friend’ card from the front counter and give it to all their friends with dogs. When they come in for their first day and give us the card, they receive their first day of Daycare half price and our lovely customer who recommended us gets a free day of daycare added to their account.


We are thrilled to be introducing a ‘Refer a Friend’ program for our awesome Grooming Clients too. We will soon be giving ‘Refer a Grooming Friend’ cards to our Grooming clients when they bring their dog/s in for a groom, (or you can get ... Click here to read more....

April Dog Of The Month

April Dog of the Month ~ Congratulations Hef the Pug!

Hef is 7 year old Pug and a senior member of the Paddington Pups pack. Hef has been a loyal member of daycare since he first started visiting all the way back in 2013.

We have had the pleasure of watching Hef grow from a boisterous young pup of only a few years to the mature, lovely natured dog he is today.

Hef never fails to bring a smile to our faces every time he comes in, full of so much excitement he can barely get off the lead fast enough. Hef has a gorgeous temperament and is always happy to make new friends.

He is an absolute pleasure to look after and we hope he continues to come in for many years to come.... Click here to read more....