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Happy, Healthy Dogs ~ Raw Food Diets for dogs

Happy, Healthy Dogs ~ Raw Food Diets for dogs

Raw food diets have always been a standard for working dogs, but lately, the trend has become popular for companion dogs too. The idea is that a dog should be fed a diet more aligned to their evolutionary ancestors. Raw food diets generally consist of uncooked muscle meat, organ meat, vegetables, fruits, and bones (either whole or ground)

The raw food diet has proven to be a controversial topic among vets and dog owners alike. There are benefits for raw food, but risks can be involved too, so its important to understand what research has shown to be the various pros and cons.

Supporters of raw dog food generally claim the following:


– Cleaner teeth

– Healthier skin

– Increased energy

– Shinier coats

Exponents of raw food diets sight risks mainly associated with home made raw meals. These threats ... Click here to read more....

Training Tips with Todd ~ Installing a Marker

Training Tips with Todd  ~ Installing a Marker

In last month’s article, we covered the basic thinking pattern of dogs and how important it is to offer clear and consistent guidance in order to get our dogs to display positive behaviours. This month, we will be focusing on how to effectively communicate with our dogs. How do we do that? We first start by teaching them the very basics of communication – ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

A ‘Marker’ is a sound or word that we will be associating with food, resulting in a tool that we can use to tell our dog, “Yes! What you are doing is great!”. The most common marker that is used in both companion dog and professional dog training is the ‘clicker’. I’m sure you’ve seen these before, they are a simple metal sheet inside a plastic box that makes a distinctive ‘click’ when pressed.

The ... Click here to read more....

Where Should I Board My Beloved Dog?

Where Should I Board My Beloved Dog?

 When holiday times approach, emergency situations arise, or if you just want to head out for the night without worrying about your beloved pup, overnight boarding for dogs is an option that is frequented by many pet owners. There are multiple companies and at home businesses that offer this service around the Brisbane area but before you make your choice there are some important questions that you should ask each carer, which will be discussed shortly. Take the answers to these questions into consideration from the perspective of your dog’s individual needs and try to imagine how well the described environment would suit him/her.

Paddington Pups has been offering boarding for three years now, and we are confident in saying that our service, from the perspectives of both the doggy guests and owners, is among the best out there. We are not attempting ... Click here to read more....

Sports for Dogs

Sports for dogs

If you’ve got a pup with a keen mind to learn or just a lot of energy, you should take a look into some sports your pooch can participate in! You may know of some already such as flyball, herding and even dancing, but the list of other fun activities is almost endless!

Although any sport you choose can be beneficial for any pup, it is good to be aware if your pup gets more out of physical endurance or mental stimulation.

If you were looking for something to stimulate your dogs’ mental abilities, nose work would be top of the list. It’s based on finding hidden scents in different environments, indoors and outdoors, and is great for those short on space. Nose work is great for dogs of all personalities, shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t require extensive obedience.

Tracking trials is another sport that uses ... Click here to read more....

March Dog of the Month

March Dog of the Month ~ Congratulations Oscar Mcmahon!

Oscar first joined us for daycare at Paddington Pups all the way back in 2016 and he has been a crucial member of the pack ever since.

Oscar is a 4 and a half year old standard Schnauzer with the energy and play drive of a 6 month old. Each morning that Oscar bounds through the door he can barely make it out to the play areas fast enough to start his busy day of playing and fun.

He never fails to put a smile on everybody’s face and we know it’s going to be a good day when Oscar comes to visit.

Oscar is extremely friendly and is great with all the other dogs. He will introduce himself to everyone he can and likes to play with any dog that will let him.

Oscar is absolutely adorable and it is ... Click here to read more....

Training Tips with Todd ~ The basics of dog behaviour

If you could communicate with your dog, what would you say to them?

A substantial amount of behavioural problems that arise in dogs stem from the simple fact that we can’t properly communicate with them. Whilst we as humans rely on social queues and cultural context to guide how we act within society, dogs live life entirely within the present moment. Their behaviour can be understood by the following thought pattern.

Stimulus > Behaviour > Consequence

For example, when you are leaving to go to work your dog sees you preparing to leave (Stimulus).

They run to you and jump up, wiping their dirty paws onto your suit pants (Behaviour).

You scold the dog for making your pants dirty, because now you have to change outfit to go to your business meeting (Consequence).

You can see from this example that there is a clear ... Click here to read more....