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The Four Main Benefits of Using a Dog Harness

The Four Main Benefits of Using a Dog Harness

A collar or a harness? The debate has been ongoing for a long time. What’s your preference and what have


you chosen for your dog? If you’re still reluctant about the purchase of a harness you may want to explore the following list of advantages.

Reduced Pressure on the Neck

The harness usually “hugs” the chest of the dog. There’s no pulling on the neck which reduces the risk of possible trauma.

Pressure on the neck is a typical scenario in the case of a dog that pulls vigorously against the collar. This pressure could contribute to breathing difficulties and even anxiety. More anxiety contributes to more pulling, which leads to a vicious cycle.
Physical damage to the neck and the spine can occur rarely as a result of collar use but it’s still a risk to keep in mind. ... Click here to read more....

Christmas Holiday Trading Hours

Christmas trading hours

With Christmas nearly upon us for another year, there are a number of Public Holidays coming up that will affect our trading hours. Bellow are our trading hours from December 24th until January 3rd, 2017, when we will return to normal trading hours.

Date Trading Hours
Saturday, December 24th 9am – 4 pm
Sunday, December 25th (Christmas Day) Closed
Monday, December 26th (Public Holiday) Closed
Tuesday, December 27th (Public Holiday) Closed
Wednesday, December 28th 9am – 4 pm
Thursday, December 29th 9am – 4 pm
Friday, December 30th 9am – 4 pm
Saturday, December 31st 9am – 4 pm
Sunday, January 1st, 2017 (New Year’s Day) Closed
Monday, January 2nd (Public Holiday) Closed
Tuesday, January 3rd 7am – 7 pm

 Please note; Boarding drop off and pick up is available on Public Holidays (excluding Christmas ... Click here to read more....

Getting your pooch ready for the fireworks this season.

Getting your pooch ready for the FIREWORKS this season


This time of year brings Christmas Carols and New Year’s Eve Celebrations that often include fireworks. Roughly one in five dogs have a phobia of fireworks, which means these dogs will become incredibly fearful. Frightened dogs are unpredictable creatures and can become aggressive at the slightest stimuli. The first and most important rule for dealing with a frightened canine companion is to be cautious. Just because you have known your dog for years and he or she has never done anything aggressive toward you before doesn’t mean he or she won’t lash out under stress.

One of the best things to do to prepare for these situations is to know your dog. How does he or she react to loud noises? Some dogs get as close to their owners as possible for protection, others may run off ... Click here to read more....

Making Life More Enjoyable for an Ageing Dog

Making Life More Enjoyable
for an Ageing Dog

An older dog can lead a happy and fulfilling life, but it’s up to you to make the necessary adjustments. As your four-legged pal ages, you’ll have to modify both of your lifestyles a little. The needs of ageing dogs are specific – they require more rest, proper nutrition, and regular veterinary checkups. By getting into these habits, you’ll be making your pup more comfortable, happy, and potentially prolonging its life.

Regular Vet Visits

Visit your vet frequently for checkups. Your vet can help you come up with a schedule – try to stick to it, even if your dog seems to be perfectly healthy.
Just like ageing humans, dogs that are growing old require specialised health exams. Most vets recommend two checkups on an annual basis. It’s a much better idea to identify an issue while it’s still treatable. When ... Click here to read more....