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Olympics For Dogs

While we get ready for the Olympics this I thought it was worth thinking about the ‘Olympics” for our dogs. After researching Dog Olympics, World Records for dogs and medals received, its pretty amazing to see what these incredible canines are capable of!

Crufts, the largest annual dog show in the world by Guinness World Records, has its own version of “the doggie Olympics” featuring with an agility-training course. This is designed to test dogs mental and physical ability to remember obstacles and take directions from their owners.

The winner for this year’s ‘Olympics’ agility course was a seven-year old border collie named Igor, who completed the course in an incredible time with no faults!

The oldest dog in the world was an Australian cattle dog called Bluey, who lived to 29.5 years of age in Victoria. Bluey worked as a sheep herder until he was roughly 20, finally retiring ... Click here to read more....