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The Benefits of Fish Oil for your dog!



Omega-3 is very important in our dog’s diet and it plays a big part in how shiny and healthy our dog’s skin and coat is. The easiest way to give your dog omega-3 is by giving fish oil tablets, which you can buy from the supermarket or health food store. Normally dogs will just eat the capsule mixed in with their food but you can also pierce the capsule and squeeze the liquid out for your dog. The general dosage for giving fish oil to dogs is 1000mg per 10kg of dog. So by buying 1000mg capsules you can work out easily how many to give your dog.


Other fish oil benefits include:


> Healthy skin & glistening coat

> Decreased inflammation of joints

> Increased stamina

> Improved immune system

> Decreased shedding

> Adds moisture to dry, irritated skin and

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Keeping your dogs cool on the hotter days



Coming into January and February the weather can get extremely hot and humid. A lot of the time we can have trouble keeping ourselves cool so imagine our little fury friends. Unlike us, dogs only sweat from a very small area of their body and it’s their feet. Dogs tend to find it much harder to cool down than we do so why not do something for your dog to keep them cool during the hot months.


Splash pools: Getting a small tub or one of the half clam shells from Bunnings or toy stores is a great way to cool your pups down. On a really hot day fill it up with water and let your dogs have a great time splashing about and swimming. Even just getting out the hose and giving them a good soak will help them keep cool.


Rubbing alcohol: When ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Dog of the month for March

Congratulations Vincent!

Vincent is a lovely French Bulldog that joins us here at Paddington Pups. He comes in to play with all of his Frenchie friends a few times a week and is always keen for a cuddle! Vincent has a big personality and we just love him!

Congratulations Vincent, we hope you enjoy your prize pack!



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