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Looking out for hot spots in the humid months of summer

What is a hot spot?

A hot spot is a localized area of skin that is inflamed and infected. The infection can be superficial or deep.

Moist dermatitis and acute dermatitis are other names sometimes used for them.


Also known as “Pyotraumatic dermatitis” these common skin lesions are usually caused or made worse by biting, licking or scratching an area of the skin or fur causing it to stay moist for a long period of time. Dermatitis means inflammation of the skin.


What signs should I look out for?


Small areas of inflamed skin, redness, scabbing, itchiness, irritation or hair loss (keeping in mind that sometimes hair can matt over the hot spot). These lesions can appear very suddenly and grow rapidly in hours.


What is the cause of a hot spot?


There are a number of different causes of hot spots occurring. It can

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Paddington Pups Halloween Dress Up Competition


Since Bree gets excited about Halloween, -VERY EXCITED!-

So we have decided to have a Halloween doggy photo competition.


Send a photo of your dog dressed up in a Halloween outfit to Paddington Pups via email ( and the winner of best dressed pup will receive a 10 day doggy day care package valued at $320!


We very much look forward to seeing how scary you can make your pooch.


The competition cut off point will be 4pm,  Saturday 1st November, (the day after Halloween).

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Paddington Pups Dog of the Month



Congratulations Titan!
Titan is our big, beautiful Great Dane who has been a regular attendee at Paddington Pups for the last 2 years.
He has come a very long way, from being a naughty dog to a lovely one, with the help of his mum and all of us at Paddington Pups .

Titan is always so excited to come into daycare and is extremely lovely to all the staff. He’s never afraid to give us a giant kiss in the morning!

His girlfriend, Soda, who is a fellow dog of the month winner is always so happy to see him and they play all day!
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