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Dog Friendly Cafes In Brisbane


If you’re like us here at Paddington Pups, nothing sounds better than a date with your furry best friend. There seems to be a problem with taking your dog to coffee, because for some reason other people (the non-dog-lovers) don’t like your best friend around their food. Overseas you can dine at a five star restaurant with your Mastiff by your side but in Brisbane it’s hard to find a place where you pup is welcome.


Don’t stress we’ve got you covered and Brisbane isn’t as behind the times as you’d think, in fact there are quite a few little places hidden around Brisbane where you can enjoy a morning coffee and avo toast, where your best friend is welcomed with open arms.


Saabi on Manson

Tucked away on a leafy tree-lined Manson Road in Hendra, this quaint little neighborhood coffee spot is a very cute little ... Click here to read more....

Homemade Chew Toys For Dogs






Owning a dog that loves to chew can become quite expensive, even if you go to a discount store for your dogs chew toys it can still all add up quickly. Going without chew toys can also be expensive as your dog may turn to other things like furniture and shoes.

So why not start making your own chew toys for your dog by using bits and pieces you already have around the house?


Step one: finding materials around the house

Odd socks, stained clothing and torn pants or jeans. These things can quite easily have a second life as your dogs chew toy. Try to only use cotton materials; other great things to use are parts of old dog toys. Next time your dog destroys a toy keep any parts that are not too small and any stuffing that is salvageable. Try to ... Click here to read more....

The Dog Squad


Unfortunately in our society there is a stigma when it comes to mental illness.  Because of this, hundreds of people returning from the war tend to hide their combat stress and mental illness and leave it untreated. Young Diggers is an organisation that helps all serving and ex-serving personnel of the Australian or New Zealand Defence Forces, by providing services like compensation, welfare, military to civilian transition and family advice.

 The Dog Squad programme aims to help in the rehabilitation of returned soldiers suffering with combat stress and mental illness, by introducing them to a dog companion.

The basis of the Dog Squad programme is ‘Dog Medicine’. All serving and ex-serving personnel of the Australian or New Zealand Defense Force that are involved in the programme learn how to care for a dog properly, train their dog to a high standard, and operate within the laws that govern one’s use ... Click here to read more....

Dogs Relieving Depression In People






Here are some reasons why dogs can help with depression. Studies show that just sitting down and watching a fish swims around in a fish tank lowers blood pressure and muscle tension in people about to undergo oral surgery. That’s why you will find most dentists have aquariums in their reception.

Other research shows that pet owners have significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate both before and while preforming stressful mental tasks, like supervising their children’s school work or having a family intervention.

Studies have also shown people recovering from a heart attack recover more quickly and survive longer when there is a pet at home. It seems that just their presence alone is beneficial.

Pets offer unconditional love and acceptance

As far as we know pets are without opinions (well some), critiques and verdicts. Even if you smell terrible they will cuddle up

... Click here to read more....

Is Your Dog Microchipped??????


Microchipping of your dog can be one of the best ways to get your dog returned to you if it manages to get out of your yard or goes missing


A microchip is a small chip roughly the size of a grain of rice and it sits under the skin and can be read by a scanner.


If your dog doesn’t have a microchip then now is your opportunity on the 27th of April Brisbane City Council will be holding a microchipping day where microchips can be professionally done for your dog at a discounted price of only $25


Staff from Paddington Pups will be attending a Microchipping Day at 316 Milton Road. (Milton Park)


Microchipping helps the National Pet Register reunite over 40,000 lost animals with their owners every year.


Ensure your pet’s return ticket home for just $25.

First 100 Customers ... Click here to read more....

Beware of The Nasty Paralysis Tick

Ticks are parasites and the one to worry about here in Queensland is the dreaded Paralysis Tick. It attaches to the host (your pet) and injects a toxin when it feeds on your pet’s blood.

The toxin causes ascending paralysis through the body. meaning it starts at the back quarters and works its way up the body to the head end regardless of where the tick attaches.

Once the toxin has been injected into the pet’s blood stream signs start to appear.


Signs of a Paralysis Tick include:

  •  Staggering or wobbly back legs
  • Inability to walk or stand
  • Unable to urinate
  • Voice change
  • Vomiting
  • Not wanting to eat or drink
  • Increased respiratory effort
  • Agitation/ stress
  • Unable to blink or eye ball looks dry

There is also a high risk of aspiration pneumonia (build up of fluid on the lungs), due to the ‘swallowing’ reflex of your pet being ... Click here to read more....

Rotary Fun Run and Walk

Dear Clients and Friends!
We came across this Fun Run advertised and thought it may interest some of you as we know a number of our clients enjoy to exercise with their dogs.
Here is some information about the Fun Run for you.

Date: Sunday 25 May, 2014

Venue: Oval 5 Precinct, 
University of Queensland, St Lucia – Brisbane.

fun run

Distance: 5km Walk / Run or a 10km Run – Along the Brisbane River.

6:30am Registration
7:30am Start 1km Kids Dash
8:05am Start 10km runners
8:15am Start 5km runners and walkers
9:30 am PresentationsPRIZES:
Trophies for category prize winners and lots of random draw prizes for the lucky entrants who join us at the Prize Giving.

The Fun Run Route: will be a shady course that starts in the UQ Athletics Stadium, follows the river until the turn-around at College Road and then returns ... Click here to read more....

Dogs and Chocolate Do Not Mix.






Easter is approaching and this usually means one thing; there is going to be a lot of chocolate around the house.


Dogs under no circumstance should ever ingest any type of chocolate. This is a very dangerous thing for them to eat in any amount. Chocolate contains caffeine and theo bromine, two different types of stimulants that affect the central nervous system and the heart muscle, as well as increasing the frequency or urination.


If you have children make sure they know the dangers of the dogs eating chocolate.  Try to keep any Easter eggs or chocolate bars locked in snap lock containers or up in a pantry. Dogs will eat the alfoil and all, so never leave them in dogs reach.


If your dog has eaten chocolate and you want to know if or when you need to go to the vet, ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Doggy Day Care Cleaning Procedure


Here at Paddington Pups we care a lot about the protection of your pets against dangerous germs, bacteria and illness.


That’s why when we do our end of day clean we use F10 Veterinary Disinfectant.


F10 is a disinfectant that isn’t like other strong disinfectants on the market. F10 has no adverse side effects on people, animals or on equipment and surfaces.

It’s ecologically friendly, biodegradable and carries a huge range of registrations and approvals from around the world.


In Australia F10sc is registered by the APVMA for use in animal production and housing facilities (like doggy day care). It is approved by AQIS for use in food export processing as a non-rinse disinfectant and is also listed by the TGA as a hospital grade disinfectant.

The benefits of using F10:


... Click here to read more....

Oral hygiene in dogs











oral care in dogsGood news for dogs is they are not as prone to cavities as we are. Despite the conventional wisdom that a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans, dogs can still develop tartar and plaque build up and ginger Vitus.

Bad breath and yellow teeth are not the only thing you have to worry about.

Just like humans these canine dental problems can actually lead to life threatening infections and issues including heart, liver and kidney disease.

Here are some ways to practice good dog dental care that will help your dog live a happy life.

How to brush your dog’s teeth.


Unfortunately your dogs cannot brush there own teeth, so using a canine tooth brush and a little strategy we have to do it for them.

The best brush to use is the double headed brushed at a ... Click here to read more....