Monthly Archive for March, 2014

The Importance of Oral Hygiene in Dogs


Good news for dogs is they are not as prone to cavities as we are. Despite the conventional wisdom that a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans, dogs can still develop tartar and plaque build up and ginger Vitus.

Bad breath and yellow teeth are not the only thing you have to worry about.

Just like humans these canine dental problems can actually lead to life threatening infections and issues including heart, liver and kidney disease.

Here are some ways to practice good dog dental care that will help your dog live a happy life.

How to brush your dog’s teeth.


Unfortunately your dogs cannot brush there own teeth, so using a canine tooth brush and a little strategy we have to do it for them.

The best brush to use is the double headed brushed at a 45 degree angle to clean below the gum line.... Click here to read more....

Product of the month. Dog Anxiety Jacket


The Thunder shirt is a safe, effective and drug free anxiety solution for dogs.

Its patent pending design applies gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s torso, and this pressure has an amazing calming effect for most dogs.

Pressure has been used to successfully reduce anxiety for many years for both animals and humans.

Examples including certain groups of dog trainers using pressure wraps for a wide variety of anxiety’s, veterinarians using squeeze chutes when vaccinating cattle, and thousands of people with autism using pressure to relieve persistent anxiety.

Thunder Shirts are ideal for:

Fear of thunder

Separation anxiety

Barking problems

Car or travel anxiety

Crate anxiety


General fearfulness

Leash pulling

General training tool... Click here to read more....