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Dog Pee Burning Your Grass? What It Means and What You Can Do About It



If you notice brown and yellow “dead” spots on what should be otherwise healthy lawn grass, you might not immediately connect it to your dog and its pee. If you read our compost from dog poo article elsewhere here, you will know that nitrogen-rich dog poop plays an important role in nourishing your lawn and gardens (albeit a more complex process in composts). However, much like everything else in life, too much of a good thing might be deadly. Dog urine, especially in large female dogs have a high nitrogen content.

Combined with the high nitrogen content in fertilizer you might also be using, your grass might, in fact, be overdosing on nitrogen. As a result, you are getting grass burns without a clue why. Of course, there are other elements in excess in dog pee like salt, alkaline, and others that are like acid to your grass.

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Is Your Dog Stressed?


If your dog is showing signs of anxiety, discomfort, and even fear, your dog might be dealing with stress. Yes, while our pets are certainly a way to relieve the stress in our own lives, they themselves might be getting stressed out too. The bad news is we can’t 100% relieve what causes our dog’s stress (just like us, living comes with problems). The good news is that we can easily recognize the telltale signs our dog is stressed. Furthermore, much like us, we can control our dog’s stress and find ways to make things a wee bit better for them.

Our dogs can suffer from depression, being separated from their owner, and most of all, boredom. These are the stress factors in our dogs’ lives that might eventually result into aggression, urine marking, digging, and even health problems like diarrhea. Dog stress raises their blood sugar and blood pressure ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Dog Of The Month – Congratulations Soda


Soda is an 18 month old Weimaraner who adores coming into daycare a few days a week for a play.

Soda has been coming into Paddington Pups since she was a young puppy.

She is known for her sweet and polite nature, she is always welcoming and loves a kiss and cuddle.

Soda loves to rumble and tumble with her friends and chase the ball. She will normally be found on one of the beds or chairs in the afternoon after a long day and she loves her treat at the end of the day

A few of Soda’s friends include; Titan the Great Dane, Mani the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dash the Hungarian Vizsla, Gilmour and Ruben the Weimaraners and Maddie the Golden Retriever.

Congratulations Soda I know you will enjoy the treats in the prize pack!

This beautiful photo of Soda was taken by our very own Marina. To check ... Click here to read more....

National Pet Obesity Day TODAY

I was just watching US news and heard that it was National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.
I had no idea it was even necessary to have such a day for pets!
Here is a great article about this from ABC News
here is another good article about national pet obesity awareness day


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My Dog Breaks Its Toilet Training When It’s Wet Outside – What Do I Do?

Puppy with two rolls of toilet paperEven the most adventurous dog can become a bit prissy when it comes to the rain. You may be surprised to discover that your dog – who has no trouble rolling around in the dirt or crawling through bushes! – Instantly becomes uptight when the ground is wet and refuses to walk through puddles. Unfortunately, this can also cause your dog to avoid doing his business outside, which can lead to accidents indoors!

Go on a longer walk. When it’s wet outside, it can be tempting to cut the walk a little short. That, combined with your dog’s reluctance to go, can mean that he doesn’t complete the job. You may have to actually walk longer than usual to assure that your dog is done with his business.

Teach your dog the “Toilet” command. Yep, it’s possible to ask your dog to pee on command! This comes in handy at ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Groodle

GroodleA Groodle is a designer breed crossed between a Golden Retriever and normally a Standard Poodle, although some breeders cross with Miniature and Toy Poodles to create miniature Groodles.

Groodles can be a high-energy breed that loves to socialise with both people and dogs. The cross was created so people could have a large breed dog that does not shed. Most Groodles don’t shed but it really depends of the ratio of the breeds crossed.

Groodles come in many different colours but are mainly single coloured with a possible white blaze on some, or white parts on their feet and face. The colours include; black, white, red, gold, cream, chocolate, dark grey and different shades of each.

Groodles will normally need grooming every 6-8 weeks depending on how much maintenance is done to the coat between grooms and the desired length of the coat.

Because Groodles are a hybrid breed, ... Click here to read more....