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What to do when guests want to feed your dog

FeedingDogAtTableYou are a very careful dog owner who goes out of your way to make sure that your dog is fed on commercial dog food only. So far things have gone on well and you love the progress you are seeing. Then out of the blue your very trusted and respected friends or relatives come visiting and they admire your doggie, paying him a number of compliments. The first reaction they have is usually to take their time to familiarize with the dog, especially if they are staying over for a few days. As their relationship is warming up, you come in one day just in time to find them trying to feed your dog with the kind of food you don’t approve of. What do you do about it?


Alternatively you have decided to go visiting and because you know your host has a dog as well, you ... Click here to read more....

Product of the Month Toothbrush and Paste

It is important that the health of your dogs’ dental is up to scratch to prevent diseases such as gingivitis and other cavity problems. Brushing your dogs’ teeth every day, every second day or every week can help reduce the build up of plaque.

The toothpaste is flavoured so your dog enjoys it but many dogs do not enjoy having things put in their mouth.

Triple Pet has designed a range of toothbrushes to suit the size of your dog and weather you like the toothbrush or finger brush. Both are excellent at cleaning away the plaque from your dogs’ teeth keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

Paddington Pups stocks the Triple Pet Toothbrushes as a set of toothbrush and paste pack for $27.85, the Toothbrush alone for $15.35, the paste alone for $16.70 and the finger brush for $9.95.

These items seem to be very popular with people taking ... Click here to read more....

Palm Seed Trees

The Cocus Palm Tree or Queen Palm Tree produces yellow colored seeds which can be annoying when the tree drops the seeds, as they can hurt to stand on and they make quite a mess.

palm tree with seedsFor anyone who has dogs these little somewhat tasty seeds can be quite deadly. The seed itself is completely harmless and not toxic but if your dog consumes a larger seed it can get stuck in the dogs intestines or bowl causing a blockage.

Dogs can become very sick very quickly from a blockage, which is technically termed ‘Gastrointestinal Obstruction’. If your dog has consumed a foreign object the early signs can include; vomiting, weakness, lethargic, diarrhea, and severe weight loss.

The procedure vets use to diagnose a blockage is an endoscopy, which is inserting a tiny tube attached to a camera to view the blockage if any. If a blockage or gastrointestinal obstruction is ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month Congratulations Maggie!


Sweet little Maggie the West Highland White Terrier has been coming into day care for a very long time.

She loves running into Paddington Pups and greeting all the staff, receiving pats, scratches and treats.

Maggie also loves to rumble around with the smaller dogs that are more her size and run up and down the jungle gym.

Maggie’s favourite toy is the rope toy, which she loves to tug with either staff members or other companion dogs.

A few of Maggies’ friends include; Harry and Charlie the Dachshunds, Piedee the Cavoodle and Rufus the Boston Terrier.

Congratulations Maggie I know you will enjoy the treats in the prize pack!

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Safety Matters at Paddington Pups



Safety has always been a major priority at Paddington Pups but recently we took our safety measure to a whole new level! We are proud to announce that 60% of our entire team has been trained in Pet First Aid by one of the leading Pet First Aid training groups in Australia.

A massive 60% of the team! – So that means that there is NEVER a time that we are without a Pet First Aid trained staff member on duty. Typically 3 or 4 trained staff is on duty on any given day.

It is the important details like this, which we cover to make Paddington Pups Queensland’s #1 doggy daycare and grooming center.

Pet First Aid is a great idea for those of you who own animals because it is quite different to human first aid and is just as important. Your dog (or cat) is ... Click here to read more....