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Notes from the Grooming Table Dog Eye Maintenance (Goobies)

eye goobiesAs with humans, it is important that dogs’ eyes are looked after as there is the risk of some serious infections. When a dog wakes in the morning, quite often there is an amount of gunk (goobies) in the corner of their eyes. This will have been discharged from the eyes over night and in some cases it will be brown. There is nothing to worry about here as this is the dogs defence mechanism and the body drains away the mucus.


The time to be concerned is when there is a lot of mucus and this is when it is time to visit the vet and check if it is an infection.

Dogs also suffer from allergies and there will be times when it is this allergy that causes their eyes to become infected. The mucus will then be green and thicker, and will cause the dog a ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Kerry Blue Terrier

kerry blueThe Kerry Blue Terrier is a rather different breed of dog that you don’t see very often. Can be mistaken for standard schnauzers which also come from Ireland. The Kerry Blue is an Irish symbol and has had many jobs; game hunters, retrievers, livestock herders and police dogs.


The Kerry Blues are standard schnauzer size but has a much softer dense coat then the wiry schnauzer coats. Shedding is minimal but Grooming is a must every 6 to 8 weeks, much like any long haired dog.


Kerry Blues are lively and boisterous but are self confident and stubborn at times. They will achieve big with training and it is recommended to have sturdy ground rules with this terrier.


They are very smart and have an excellent memory which will help them in training as well as being active they love activities such as fly ball and agility.

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Dealing with Lead Aggression


Lead Aggression can be hard to deal with and embarrassing when your out walking your dog. A lot of people will avoid this issue by walking their dog when they know there is no stimuli around that he will react to. This won’t fix the problem. Training your dog out of lead aggression can sometimes be a long process but you must be consistent with the training if you want a positive end result.

Lead aggression can be caused by a number of things; other dogs passing on leads, dogs or people staring, noisy children, dogs barking in yards etc. Every dog reacts to things differently, so the actions setting your dog off may need to be dealt with differently, through re-enforced training, to other dogs.


Below are some helpful steps you can take to improve your dogs behaviour on your walks.

1.       DO NOT let your dog approach

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Controlling the Bark

barking77Fact, most dogs like to bark. Most dog lovers who end up owning two or more dogs in their lifetime will more than likely come across a dog that loves to bark excessively. To fix the problem you must first understand it. The following are the most common reasons why dogs bark. Who knows! After reading this you may find out that your dog is barking for good reasons after all.

  • Some dogs are natural watch dogs and will bark when someone begins approaching your house. A previous owner may have trained your dog to be a watch dog or your dog could be a natural watch dog breed. If this is the main reason for your dog’s excessive barking habits then you may want to praise your dog instead of trying to get him or her to stop. There are numerous cases where such dogs have scared off burglars
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Dog Poo and what it says about your Dogs health

dog poo We all find dogs excoriations to be quite disgusting but to own a dog means at times you might have to pick up its poop from the backyard, or when you take it for walks. Picking up your dogs poop can also have some benefits as it can say a lot about the dog’s diet and health conditions. Finding it hard to believe? Well read on to learn more:



Fecal samples are often deemed a necessary requirement for maintaining the health of a dog. The veterinarian can easily detect worms or other parasite at a very early stage – much before you start discovering moving white particles in the excrement.

You should have the fecal samples examined at a vet at least once a year irrespective of which breed your dog belongs to or how healthy he is. This is especially important if your dog comes in contact with ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month Congratulations Koko


Koko is an Australian Bulldog, who loves coming into daycare and playing with all her friends. She announces her arrival as soon as she walks in the door and doesn’t stop playing until her mum and dad come to pick her up.


She is a fun loving, full of energy Bulldog and always has a great time in daycare. She visits Paddington Pups at lease once a week.


Koko is friends with almost everyone in daycare and its hard to think of just a few but here they are: Manni; Jack Russell, Lewis; Cocker Spaniel, Harry; Cocker Spaniel, Charlie; Golden Retriever, Wembles; Groodle.


Koko also loves a snuggle with the staff at quiet time.


Congratulations Koko we all know you will enjoy the treats in the prize pack!... Click here to read more....

Product of the Month: Gorrrrilla Toys

Gorrrrilla Toys Gorrrrilla_Home_Topare designed for dogs but are durable enough for chimps. Simular to a Kong Toy these are much more durable and enjoyable as they have designed a licky strip right down the middle to smear some peanut butter or honey on for the dogs to lick off.

It is specially designed to make it a challenge for dogs to get the treats out which is why this toy lasts longer.

Gorrrrilla Toys can be used for Fetch, Treat Toy, Chew Toy anything because the durability is 20 times stronger than the most powerful dog toy.

These Terrific Toys are being sold at Paddington Pups in 2 colours; Blue and Black and a range of sizes. Prices range from $12.55 for the Small Gorrrrillas to $35 for X-Large Tug O War Gorillas.

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Detailed below are the steps you can take to claim free daycare at Paddington pups! We will also be sending out a letter to you which details the following;


In October this year, we will be relocating to 12 Parkview Street, MiltonJust around the corner.


The new premise is twice as big as our current location, with 5 car parks. Not only that, it’s fully air-conditioned and has a lot more room for the dogs to play in.


To celebrate the move and recognise your loyalty and on-going support, we would like to expand our services to include your friends, family, work colleagues and acquaintances.


Since we believe in a win-win-win approach to business, we would like to reward you for referring them to us with a free doggy daycare visit for you and a free dog wash for them on their first ... Click here to read more....