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How to Fix Fence Aggression Issues

fence aggressionDogs’ natural territorial behaviour is one of the main reasons we took them into our homes way back when. They kept us safe by warning us about potential intruders and predators. And isn’t their unending loyalty part of the reason we love them so much today? Unfortunately, that behaviour can go a bit overboard, and many dogs go from barking once or twice at the fence to displaying full-out aggression. This can be difficult behaviour to curb, but there are many techniques that can help.


Exercise, exercise, and more exercise! Often, dogs develop fence aggression because they’re bored. They need stimulation, so they entertain themselves by barking at everything that passes. Daily walks are important, but other activities can also provide the necessary mental challenges for your pup, such as fetch, agility courses, and the dog park. Doggy daycare is also another great way to keep your pup occupied.... Click here to read more....

Ridding Your Dog’s World of Fleas

adinfo_flea_life_cycleThe flea is one of the most resilient creatures on the planet. There are over two thousand species of fleas around the world. One female flea can lay more than twenty thousand offspring in a month and an adult flea can live for months without any sustenance what-so-ever. You can’t ever be completely rid of fleas; it’s impossible. The best actions you can take against fleas are preventative measures to control them in and around your environment.

How are fleas dangerous to your dog? They not only make your canine companion itch incessantly but they can also transfer heartworms and tapeworms to your dog, which can be extremely life threatening. Fleas can also cause a number of allergic reactions that may result in dermatitis and anemia. If your dog has fleas it is in your best interest to get rid of them as soon as possible.

How do you get ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Samoyed

Samoyed 8T91D-02Samoyed’s were bred to work, hunt and protect their owners. Samoyeds are now bred to be used in sled teams.

Samoyeds have a tone of energy and need to be brushed daily to maintain their thick coat.

Samoyeds don’t need to be washed regularly a quick wipe with a cloth will remove any dirt.

Samoyeds are happy, fun loving and loyal to any family. Samoyeds would be suitable for someone who has time to give them enough exercise and brush them regularly.

Other then the Samoyeds coat being odourless, the coat boasts incredible insulation. So in extreme hot and cold weather the Samoyeds coat protects their body.

In regards to grooming experts advise against clipping the coat. Keeping Samoyeds cool during Australian summer is recommended.

Samoyeds are beautiful white dogs with a winning smile that no one can resist.

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Max Dog of the Month

MAXXXMax is a 1 year old, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed with a poodle, (Cavoodle). He has been coming into daycare since he was a very small puppy. He has now grown into a handsome young man.

As Max is still young he has a ton of energy and loves to come into daycare to hang out with all his friends.

Max loves to have a snuggle and a cuddle with all the staff at Paddington Pups. He can be a real ‘sooky bum’ at times but because he is so cute he always gets his way into someone’s lap.

Max has lots of Friends here at daycare, a few of them include; Charlie the Moodle, Hugo the Lhasa Apso Cross, Louie the Shih Tzu cross Maltese and Guzzi the Miniature Schnauzer

Congratulations Max we all know you will enjoy the treats in the prize pack!

Photography by Marina Wedge... Click here to read more....

Product of the Month Molly Mutt Beds



Molly Mutt Beds are designed to reuse old clothing or Manchester items and making them into a brand new dog bed.

Molly Mutt has a beautiful range of colours and designs of bed covers to keep your house hold looking fresh. These easy washable covers are durable and affordable.

The range also includes a water proof sack to keep all the insides dry if your dog was to wet the bed.

They come in 3 different sizes; small, medium/large and huge.

The Huge are priced at $76.95, The Medium/Large are $54.95 and the Small are $45.

Store away old blankets and clothing in these stylish dog beds which will remove excess clutter and keep your pooch warm and cosy this winter.

Get in quick at Paddington Pups as these great beds are very popular.


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Can Bulldogs Swim?

120214-underwater-doggies-05.photoblog600It is a myth that bulldogs cannot swim at all. Whilst it’s true that many can’t, swimming is definitely not impossible for the chunky breed. In general, their ability to swim is challenged by the shortness of their legs compared to the proportions of their top-heavy shape – the back legs can’t paddle fast enough to keep their body afloat.

That said, with some gentle and safe training, your bulldog may be able to learn to swim!

Some basic safety precautions should be taken when teaching your dog, however.

1. Never leave your dog (regardless of breed) unsupervised around a body of water.

2. Be patient with your puppy and let them get used to the water slowly if they’re not too eager to dive right in.

3. Your dog may need some extra support whilst its swimming muscles build up. These days there are doggie life jackets on the ... Click here to read more....

Million Paws Walk

million pawsWe saw some familiar faces at Million Paws Walk where each year a few of the staff go on the 4km walk to help raise funds for the RSPCA.

This year was no different it’s always such a great event to go to and you certainly see lots of different dog breeds.

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General Progress Report

dogWe have Lodged the Development Application with Council and are waiting for the next step of the process now we just need to wait it’s a long process.  We are still anticipating that the Business Relocation will happen October this Year.


The plans for the fit out and set up of the new location have begun so if you have any ideas that you would like to see then please let us know and I will see if we can implement them into the new premises. You can email any ideas directly to me at


As an addition condition Council has placed on us was that while they are reviewing the application that they wanted us to put up some sound proofing over the windows and doors at our current location. This is why you can see the checkered affect over the windows at the back the

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Some of you may already know that recently in Wynnum West and Alexandra Hills there have been over 10 reports of lurking dog thieves.  These thieves are walking around outer Brisbane suburbs pretending to be council workers. These ‘council workers’ are using coloured tags to mark Brisbane homes with dogs they want to steal.  Authorities believe the dogs they are targeting are to be used for dog fighting and bait. The ‘tags’ could be anything from a coloured stick, a ribbon or a sticker. Three colours are used: yellow, blue and red, to identify to the thief what size the dog is. Police cannot stop these taggers from putting tags on fences so the best way to stop your dog potentially being stolen is to prevent theft in the best way possible.  We are not trying to scare you, just make you aware of the unlikely case that your ... Click here to read more....